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Too Soon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I've been on a roll. Friday I had no foot pain. The physical therapist told me I could do run 1, walk 3 intervals, and she cut the schedule down from twice a week to once a week. I go back to PT on Thursday.

Friday noon I did my first batch of run 1, walk 3 intervals. It wasn't like running, but it was a step up from walking. Saturday, my feet had twinges. Today, I judged the feet well enough to run another set of intervals. Maybe I should have waited till Tuesday.

The intervals proper went well enough. It was 80 F and sunny with negligible wind. I carried a water bottle with me, and used about half of it. Added one small hill to get enough distance for 10 cycles of run 1, walk 3. The final total was 3.59 miles in 40 minutes, for an average pace of 11:09 per mile. That's acceptable for intervals.

Got home, stretched, took an ibuprofen, and iced the feet. Got up to get a shower.

The left foot felt like it had regressed. The sensation was right on the border of whether I should call it pain or sore. So, let's test. Can I do heel raises? Two feet, no problem. Right foot, no problem. Left foot, heel raise comes with pain. Like the old saw: "Doc, it hurts if I do this." "Don't do it."

I'm not hurt enough that I can't walk, but I don't really want to walk briskly on the left foot this evening. Took a sanity stroll down the street to work on getting my 10K steps (always a challenge on a Sunday) and thought about it.

I really need to back off the intervals for now. I don't know for how long. Tentatively, I think no more for a week, till next Sunday. But definitely no more before the next PT appointment on Thursday.

Yeah, the foot will probably feel better tomorrow. It might even feel close to normal on Tuesday. But I've been down this path before, and gone back too soon. Now is a time to be cautious. Hence, this blog, to remind myself that sooner isn't always better.

I will come back to running. But this week's run/walk intervals turn out not to be the start of the return. That's waiting a while yet.

Meanwhile, I can still walk. I don't want to lose that from trying to get back to running too soon.
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