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Race Report: West Point Triathlon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

All I have to say is "Squee!" This race is so fun and well organized. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, its an awesome good time. The grounds are pretty. The water was 75, so wetsuit legal this year - surprising, considering the spate of chilly weather we have had recently. We gave a good long applause to the parathletes who were also doing the race.

I'm going to keep this post pretty short. If you want to read more about West Point Tri - I'm going to direct you to last year's blog post.


Now for the results

Swim 22
Bike 1:04
Run 32

Aaaannnnddd for comparison
Swim 21
Bike 1:04
Run 32

Seriously?? Considering the complete absence of activity this week and the slipshod training, I'm pretty pleased with my performance. At least I'm consistent. Swim difference I attribute to different technique. My dark, scary open water anxiety seems to be abating (yay!) but I've been doing more breast stroke to move in a straight line instead of a backstroke/front stroke zigzag all over the course. Its slower but more direct. I had a terrible T1 - when I put my racing belt on, I realize that my race number was on upside down and took an extra minute to rearrange that.

I recalled last year there being a beast of a hill on the bike leg. There were still hills, but my tongue was not dragging on the ground quite as hard this year. They must have flattened that hill out somehow....

After the race, I jumped back in the lake for a quick rinse off. It was lovely.

Not a single solitary picture because Sister (my normal companion) was off riding 47 miles in the Tour Du Goshen. She did 4 hours with a total elevation of 3000 ft. Avg speed of 11.6mph. Speedy is neither of our names, but we have fun.

On a sad note: I was really missing my friend Doglady. She was going to come and race with me, but she's been laid up with foot injury that is causing much pain and consternation. Go send her good wishes.

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