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August 18, 2013, Day 79 - A Life Worth Living. . . A Sunday full of Gratitude!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

For those of you who read my blog yesterday and took the time to comment. . . thank you! I got so much out of reading your thoughts and pondering what each of you had to say. Best of all? The responses were real and daring and honest and personal and from the heart. Healing is happening in my heart largely because of all of you.

Sunday mornings are my fav. I can stay in bed late as I want. I can get up early - watch the sun come up - and then climb back into bed and take a nap if I want. I can read the paper, sip on coffee, write a blog, read a good book without ever getting dressed . . . if that is what I choose. Yep, it's fairly laid back around my house on Sunday mornings. I love it!

One of the things I like best about Sunday mornings is. . . "Sunday Morning". . . a weekly news program of sorts that airs on CBS. It's full of inspiration! If you have never had an opportunity to watch it, I highly recommend it. If the program doesn't air in your hometown, you can view it on the internet. Just Google Search "CBS Sunday Morning".

This morning, Nick Vujicic, author of the New York Time's Best Seller, Unstoppable" was interviewed. This was no sit in a room with four walls and two chairs type of interview. Rather, it was an active interview - one where the reporter went to Nick's house and hung out with him while "doing" all the stuff Nick does.

And what exactly does Nick do? Well. . . let's see. . .he plays golf, restores old cars, dives into pools and then swims around a bit, sky dives, writes books (typing at a speed of 60 wpm), gives motivational speeches, dances, cooks his own meals, plays soccer and surfs the ocean's waves. Sound incredible? Probably not. Until you learn that Nick has NO arms and NO legs and uses no prosthetic devices. He does all this - living life fully - by believing that he is NOT disabled and by finding ways around obstacles.

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement! As I watched this amazing man live his life before my very eyes doing all the things he wanted to do. . . letting nothing hold him back. . . I was reminded of all the time. . . all the opportunity. . . I've let pass me by. Why? Why have I lived life my way - sort of checked out and not fully engaged - while Nick Vujicic was out there creating ways for himself - to be able to do all the stuff I could have done with little to no effort? Why?

And just as I was considering the "whys", Nick said something. He said, "this life is full of great things if we'll just give it a shot. I embrace what I do have. . . meaning, I remain thankful and grateful for what I have instead of being angry about what I don't have." That pretty much answered my question I think.

I have two arms and two legs. I can walk wherever I want to walk, I can hug my husband, I can drive a car, I can lift weights, I can climb mountains or hills, I can ride a bike, I can play tennis, I can. . . I can. . . I can. . . That's it! That's the word! "Can"!

Instead of being angry about what I don't have or what I can't do, I need to focus on all that I have and all that I can do. Daily. It really does all boil down to gratitude, doesn't it? If we live a life of gratitude, we live a full life pursuing our goals making dreams come true. Otherwise, we live a life of regret never appreciating or really even seeing what we have. . . what we can do. . . because we are too wrapped up and absorbed in the ungratefulness.

I've blogged about gratitude before. Several times. But I keep coming back to it. Probably because I forget. God keeps giving me these "aha" moments, I live them for about a minute, and then I forget all about them. Until the next time. I don't want to forget. Not this time. Nick Vujicic's message was powerful. I want to remember it always. I want to embrace it and live it. No time like the present, right?

Starting today, I will find things that I am grateful for and I will then blog about them. Every day for the next 30 days. This is my commitment to myself and to all of you. Care to join me?

Today, I am grateful for quiet Sunday mornings when I can kick back, forget all my problems, and open myself up to new ideas. . . new possibilities. . . new inspiration.

What are you grateful for today?

Much love,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, that man sounds amazing. I knew a man like that. He was 90 years old, could no longer drive after many years of driving. He couldn't walk very far, had become very forgetful,and he lived on his own. He was very independant. One Monday morning I arrived there to give him a hand with his daily tasks. I noticed a step ladder sitting under the attic door. I asked him if he had climbed up there. He said yes I did, I would climb on the roof if I wanted to. He didn't see anything as being an obstacle. He would plan to head off to the shops many days a week. And he would get stranded getting home. Because his legs just couldn't walk up his hill to his street anymore. But that never stopped him doing it again and again.
    What I learned from him was that because he believes he can do anything he basically can-within reason. Many people believe they can't do something, and because they believe they can't they don't try.
    Right now I am grateful to have found spark people and to have made some wonderful friends. To have lots of support and encouragement. And to have you as a friend Karen and being asked for my opinion!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1646 days ago
    I've been trying to fill a grateful jar with little notes. Unfortunately, I can go for weeks without putting anything in my jar. When I do write a slip, I immediately find other reasons to put more and more slips into my jar.

    Focusing on being grateful increases my joy! emoticon
    1647 days ago
    I love finding inspiration in stories like that! He sounds like quite a guy. emoticon
    1647 days ago
  • KAREN608
    For me, I am grateful for the freedom to worship on Sunday ... or anyday... my Lord.

    Lately Christianity is the new thing to hate, which is ironic, but still, I am grateful for this.
    This list would be very long for me.

    And sometimes WEIRD like I am very very grateful outhouses are gone and flush toilets are in.
    Running clean water is wonderful. I've lived without it for some times in my life so it is extra special to me.

    Friends and DH ... what can I say?
    and most of all, I am grateful for 'enough'...
    so many in the world are hungry, and wanting for a blanket.

    Have fun with your blogging about this grand topic.
    1647 days ago
    I am grateful for being able to spend Sundays with my mom, brothers and sisters. I am thankful that several years before my dad passed on we decided to do Sunday dinner get-together and I'm thankful that they continued after dad passed on. Family is something to lean on and that's we all do as well as have enough laughter to last a week.

    emoticon Donna

    PS. I'm also thankful to you and my other SP Buddies that continue to give me encouragement.
    1647 days ago
  • MARLY53
    emoticon What an insightful blog. Gratitude! I never thought of gratitude being partnered with I can, but you know they do belong together. Gratitude comes from all the things you've been given & all the things you can do. Thanks Karen for reminding us all of gratitude and to concentrate on all the things we can do instead of what we can't do or don't have.
    1647 days ago
  • KAZZIE531
    Great idea Karen. We all have a lot to be grateful for. Let's emoticon the negativeness and emoticon the positive. I will start to write about this in my daily journal. I am grateful to have YOU as a friend..... emoticon emoticon

    PS...when I was working, I just loved Sundays for your very same reasons you love them. Now, every day is like Sunday.
    1648 days ago
  • GRAMMY7070
    Oh yes, so many things we take for granted in life. Today I am truly grateful for my wonderful husband, children and grandchildren. Working at a cancer center I have come to appreciate life so much more. I realize it can all change in a blink of an eye. LIVE FOR THE MOMENT is my advice today. A day never goes by that we can't be grateful for someone or something.
    1648 days ago
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