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How do you take of gel nail color?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some of my bright pink nails are peeling. I thought gel nails didn't do that. So can I use regular acetone to remove the rest?

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    My girlfriend is a licensed cosmetologist and nail tech... and I've had gels on and off. I've also used the acrylics. Supposedly some people's body chemistry throws off the acrylics but not the gels, and others it's the gels and not the acrylics. I've noticed that with the gels, especially when other people do them and not my gf, they aren't as careful to get ALL corners and edges sealed all the way to the ends and over the nail. As a result, one edge will be weaker and then as the nail bed grows out underneath it, it loosens the gels.

    As for removing it...the acetone remover does get it off but does take longer, like others have said. In some cases, I'd clip off the loose stuff and then file down what was left until it was closer to the nail bed, and THEN soak off the rest of it. Seems to speed up the process. Some nail salons will remove it with rotary file,but you have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they stop filing BEFORE it hits the nail bed. Otherwise, you will have a long time waiting for all the damaged layers to grow back out.

    Once you have the gels off, see about getting a product called "Nail Envy" by OPI - in the storesj/online its about 15-20$$ but if you have a friend who is a licensed nail tech or cosmetologist, s/he should be able to get it at their cost at the professional beauty shops for about $8 - it's well worth the price, and has been the best stuff I've ever used to help seal the ragged edges (I've been a nail biter for YEARS!) so they could grow out without that "rough" feel which trips off my "need to bite/chew" (that, and keeping nail files EVERYWHERE in the house so when it does get snaggy or is hooking on stuff, I can file it smooth. Oh hey, Amazon has them for about $8-9 each too, so there ya go!

    The other thing about Nail Envy is they do make different formulas to address different nail problems - I use the basic Nail Envy. They also have one for people whose nails are too soft and thin, and another formula for the ones who are brittle and crack/split lengthwise. As well as "matte" finish (the regular NE is a nice light glossy shiny look when it dries.

    Anyway I don't own stock in Nail Envy, no worries there!! It's just that this is what my favorite nail tech told me and I've been using it now for almost 10 years - great stuff!! I haven't had to have gels put on in over a year now.!

    1671 days ago
    Sorry - I don't know how you do it but then, my nails are lucky to even SEE nail colors.

    Have a blessed day.
    1675 days ago
    1675 days ago
    Wow, I didn't realize getting the a gel nail manicure could be so troublesome.
    1675 days ago
    My place takes it off for free. Maybe yours does too? I don't have to have them redone, but I usually do. I really like the gel nails as it makes my chipped, short nails much stronger. My nails do not suffer like they did when I got the artificial ones years ago.
    1676 days ago
    This not supposed to happen. I would go back to where you had them done and complain. They should fix it!
    1676 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    If you go on YOUTUBE, there are people there with lots of videos on how to do your nails with LOTS of advice. I don't have nice nails as they crack and peel, so I don't polish them.
    1676 days ago
    1676 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Sounds dangerous
    1676 days ago
    I was getting get manicures for a while. They removed it with foil wrap.
    But apparently my nails are oily, and many peeled off, too.
    So I stopped doing that.
    I think you can buy the gel polish remover where they sell the other.
    1676 days ago
    The only thing that really works is PURE acetone, not acetone remover. If you get the pure stuff (like at a hardware store), you can soak your nails for a few minutes in a little bowl of it and it comes right off. The regular remover doesn't work very well, dries out your nails and if you peel it off, you can ruin your nails. Or just go back to the person who did your nails and have them deal with it, especially if it hasn't been very long. Some people are better than others and use better products. I found someone good and won't go anywhere else after some bad experiences.

    1676 days ago
    I heard that you take acetone remover and put it on a gauze pad, then wrap your nail with the pad and over wrap with tin foil. Let sit 5-7 mins and when you remove it you can scrape the polish off with your thumb. I haven't tried it but I heard this is the easiest way to do it at home. Hope that helps.
    1676 days ago
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