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HOLISTIC Raw Foodiest & ME one crosses the line.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dialog between me and the holistic foodiest nutritionist healer.

On 8/15 I sat side by side and talked to a holistic foodiest nutritionist healer. “Food is medicine and food is thy way to healing.”

Setting: 2 butter crème micro faux leather chairs soft like feathers, the room is enriched in vibrant colors, soft lighting, plants, a mega fish tank, and baskets of fruits and vegetables.
She offers me an apple, I turned it down, she offered me a banana, I turn it down as well, she offered me a bunch of grapes, and once again I turned her down.

Foodiest: Aren’t you hungry?
Me: I am not hungry.
Foodiest: Have you had anything to eat today?
Me: No, because my body is sensitive when I eat early in the morning.
Foodiest: I see. Is it an allergic reaction or something more?
Me: I have intestinal issues Gastrointestinal my (GI) problems are, diarrhea, GERD acid reflux, constipation, (IBS) Irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers. I was diagnosed with this issue back in 2010 and it has been a life changing event.

Foodiest: Did they rule Celiac Disease (Gluten Intolerance)?
Me: No, no test for gluten issues has been issued.
Foodiest: Well, we are going to work from that stand point. Let’s try a gluten free (diet). I’m looking at your chart, and I see you have skin issues as well, and have been dealing with them for the past 18 years, and people don’t know this, but when our hormones change during child birth we lose immune balance, so I would like for you to see an immunologist, and I will send my suggestions to your Homeopathic N.M.D. so he can set that up. I strongly believe you might have a gluten issue as well. I advise you to call him Tuesday morning to get a referral, if you don’t get an e mail from me.
Me: Thank you, you really think I could have issues with gluten.
Foodiest: I find more people who have gluten issues. I too have gluten issues, and I am a low sensitive, but I don’t eat gluten products anymore. My energy levels went through the roof. I notice over 5 changes. Energy level spiked, PMS no longer a problem, Skin clearing up, I could think clearly, and hunger became less of a problem.

Me: Well, I’m willing to try.
Foodiest: But if it’s ruled as a cause in your affects you will stop eating gluten products to heal yourself.
Me: Yes!
Foodiest: Good, I don’t do well with I’ll try. I want you to do it, and I want you to start now if you can, but if you can’t then I’ll understand, but this gluten (change) is something I want you to do.
Are you up for the 30 day gluten free challenge? I normally don’t challenge people, I give them the 21 days to clean eating tools and guides and I keep in touch and we follow up if they are serious clients. Since you are a referral I would like to keep in touch with you every 2 weeks. Just to see how you are handling your lifestyle change, by your 3rd visit with me we should have some answers, and if there is any other allergies you’re concerned about I advise you to address them with the immunologist.

She was very nice. We talked about fruits and vegetables, and I thought I would address juicing with her and the benefits.
Foodiest: Juicing is very powerful, I do juice, but I don’t juice often. I do smoothies as a treat, sometimes they can become a breakfast only replacement meal it depends on how I feel. Fueling my body is very simple for me, it’s not a task, and as I’m looking over your chart, I see you have lost a butt load of weight, 52 pounds, you lost a child. Well how about that and it says here you are looking to lose the last of your weight. Answer this. What is the last of your weight?

Me: Around 17 to 20 pounds.
She’s looking at me, she is rail thin, lean but thin. Native American/African American and she was looking at me in a very unpleasing way.
Foodist: Okay, I think you look good at your weight. I don’t know what it is, and I won’t bother to ask, because it’s not in my chart. I never question a person’s weight unless they are obese or morbidly obese and the only time I get them as referrals is when they do the weight loss surgery and then they are sent to me to teach them about healthy food planning and living. I see you don’t need food planning. You lost 50 pounds. Good for you!

Me: Thank you.
But the look in her eyes was telling me something different. Once again I felt an unpleasing feeling come from her. I wanted her to speak her mind, but I didn’t push the issue. Something in me said. Hush remain still its coming. Her foot is about to enter her mouth.
Foodiest: How many diet pills do you take per-day?
Inner-self: I told you it was coming her foot in her mouth.
Me: Well, since you went there let me take you through my town.
Foodiest: Did I offend you? I didn’t mean too if I did.
Me: Oh no, you didn’t offend me at all, but as soon as I finish you will have found you offended yourself.

(I’m pissed!)

Me: You people fail to understand when someone loses weight, it’s not all about what diet pill you take, or how many times a week you work out, or if you crap up to 10 times per-day. I have been losing weight for roughly 2 years. I haven’t reached my 2 year mark, but January 2nd will make my 2 year mark. 28 pounds was lost during my 1st year. I would claim 32, but that number would not hold. This year was hell on wheels, my weight really didn’t break loose until February and I have lost a total of 24 pounds, and I have juggled many lifestyle (diets) and done things my way more so the holistic way. If you must know; I detox twice a month, I eat raw 70% of the time, and I have food reaction (fears) if I eat something (wrong!) I do pay dearly as I suffer greatly from my foolish hunger taste and binges. I have reset or readdressed myself time and time again, and now that I am at 155 if you must know. I struggle greatly to maintain what I have lost. No, I’m not offended by you at all. I’m looking you standing at maybe 3 to 4 inches taller than me, long and lean, but you on the other hand has lived a nice low calorie diet maybe 800-1200 on a raw diet. I’m sure your calories can run low on any giving Sunday, and you don’t question it because your energy levels are through the roof, but something is clearly going on with me (health) wise and I’m now seeking answers along with my weight loss. Do I want to be overweight? NO! No more than you wish to be overweight yourself.
(The bitch was sleeping, but she is awake now.)

Foodiest: I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that to you.
Me: I do appreciate your services, and I will be back, but understand this. I will not be connected with unhealthy habits, by someone who clearly has unhealthy habits.

Now, the woman was nice. I will give her that. Full of information, and helped me greatly, but I made up my mind in that moment that I would not stand for that.
We ended our session. I left with a list of gluten free products, and the 30 day plan, and I will do this, because I need to do this for my health. I did rescheulde to see her in 3 weeks. Not rushing back to see her and once I see her I will let her know if I’ll be in need of her services. ( I must remember my mom's number 1 rule) as you interview me and my charts I'm interviewing you.

What gets me is this. They have a business, a profession, and I know we both are supposed to ask question, but to ask me how many diet pills I take made me flip out of my seat. I didn’t flip I came to the edge of my seat.
Oh, I was hurt at first by what she said, but I got over that hurt quickly and reached back and did the same. I didn’t address her in any negative way, I thought she was too thin for her frame, and I could see her bones, and I didn’t like that, and when you live a raw diet or a clean diet, you can become lacking in much needed (fats). So I told the woman to address her issues before she start trying to address the rest of my issues with the uses of diet pills and talk of abusing them. Yes, I knew where that conversation was heading. Been there, done it, had it, and had it up to here with hearing them. What happen to good ole fashion kick ass weight loss?

I guess it died with everything we do now to lose it.
And up to 100 diet pills if not more circulated on the market.
I like her, I really do, but if we are going to work together we are going to have to be real. I got real, and she got the reaction she wasn't looking for.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, these people can step out of line. I told my mother this morning about the woman; because I never really got to address the appointment with her on if I would go back to her or not. My mom who is in Chicago visiting my uncle her sick brother who has what I have and now dealing with cancer because of it said. PEOPLE say whatever come to mind. She doesn't know what your sickness is 40% of your weight loss and 60% is you pushing to heal yourself and to get over or to control your sickness. Like! When they said I had ED. I had to go see a specialist who deals with people who has eating disorders, and she said. You don't have one you're scared of the outcome and when you do eat what you want because you're bored from raw and want something hot, fast, and yummy you suffer, cry, and maybe even pray why did I do that. God if you make me feel better I want do it again. TRUE! I do that, but then I do it again to please my kids because I don't want to let them down. She said she has met with over 100 people this year alone who has food issues due to illnesses. Won't eat this so the beast can sleep. You don't want to wake the beast, and she is so right. I do not want to wake the beast, but I get. How many diet pills you take? What kind of professional is she? IDK but I told the Homeopathic I see that I do not want to see her as often as she would like. Once a month for 15 minutes is fine with me if you want me to work with her. He said. No I'll give you someone who is understanding and open. You don't have to see her again. He has another lady he wants me to see after we get my results from the Immunologist office. I'll see her on the 28th. I was fitted in. Thank Goodness... I need answers!
    1616 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/17/2013 10:48:50 PM
    You have worked so hard to get where you are. I know nothing is going to stop you from getting where you want to be. NOTHING! emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Kudos to you! emoticon
    1616 days ago
    I can see why assumptions are irritating. If she is two thin, you have to use your judgement, if doing her ideas are reasonable to make a lifestyle or just do for a period to see..... emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Smh, that was out of line, but you straightened it up quick, fast, and in a hurry! She could have simply asked how you had lost the weight rather than making an ass of herself by making an assumption based on her own personal experience or what she is usually confronted with in her line of work. Good on you for making it VERY clear.
    1616 days ago
    When you do things the right way it really hurts when people imply or out and out say you are doing it the wrong way. Trust I know this from personal experience. I'm so sorry that someone tried to rob you of your hard earned success. emoticon
    1616 days ago
    I'm glad you gave it to her! You lost weight slowly and steadily over a year and a half (or a little more) and to ask such a stupid question just makes her look ridiculous. People lose weight in healthy ways all the time, but it feels like no one can believe it. I can't wait to be 100 pounds down, but I have a feeling that is going to come with questions about what SURGERY I've had, and I've had none. I even had one guy very inquisitive as to how I've lost the weight, and I feel like he was waiting for a lapband or bypass answer. So frustrating.

    Anyways, I am glad you still took the gluten information for what it was worth, and if it helps you and it turns out you are allergic I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)
    1617 days ago
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