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Shhh.... Be Quiet... Can You Hear That?

Friday, August 16, 2013

It's your body telling you what you need! If you truly listen, your body will tell you when it's hungry and when it's full! That may be common knowledge to you, and if it is, emoticon! But I will tell you I did not get up to 272 by listening to my body. I used to be like Monica Gellar from Friends, I thought I was always hungry!

If you've never seen "Friends", well shame on you! ;) Her mom comes to her on Thanksgiving and asks her to finish off the pies because there is no room left in the fridge. She goes to take them instinctively, but then says "No thank you!" and pushes them away. The dad then says "Judy, you did it, she's FINALLY full!" I can absolutely relate to that statement.

I used to think that full was that super uncomfortable, overly stuffed feeling, where you just want to undo the button on your pants for some relief. emoticon On the flip side of that, I thought hunger was when that super uncomfortable feeling went away, and you returned to normal and were no longer feeling bloated... that must mean it's time to eat until you are overly stuffed again, right? emoticon Oh how wrong that was. emoticon I think the first time I truly figured out what hunger was is when I did a fast for 24 hours. It was a huge eye opener of what the real hunger signals were, and also the realization that I wasn't going to drop dead if I didn't get food in that exact minute. I later learned that slowing down and really listening to your body can cut out soooooooooooo many unnecessary calories, and that bloated feeling became a thing of the past.

I no longer go by "dinner time", "snack time" etc. I stop and listen to my body. I know not everyone has that luxury, and at work I abide a little closer to those things... but when I am off I am free as a bird and I can eat dinner when my body tells me it's time. emoticon I also learned that just because I planned out my dinner and it'sin my range, doesn't mean I have to eat it ALL. *DOH* emoticon So simple, but before I would have just ate it because I was in range and I could have it.

I've learned that when I am hungry, I want food, I don't care what that food is, I just need something because my body is asking for it. When I want something specific, and my mind is saying go get some ice cream, chips, or something else specific, it just wants to eat. To that I respond "You want to eat just for the sake of eating, you can eat again tomorrow (or later when you're hungry), but now is not the time." Then I move on with my day.

I am big on tracking my food, I am big on portioning out stuff, but I am learning that if you just stop and listen to your body, it'll let you know when and how much to eat. So if you are stressing over calorie ranges, the new tracker vs. the old tracker... maybe try getting in tune with your body and see if that helps you at all.

emoticon Warning: I am 17 months into this journey, and it is only in the last 5 or so months that I've been learning to listen to my body. If you had told me to listen to my body 17 months ago, I would have probably still eaten 3,000 calories looking for that "overly full feeling." This is something you learn in time, and if you aren't quite there yet, you can be... you just have to work at it! emoticon
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