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So I Did a Thing. And That Thing is Called Running!

Friday, August 16, 2013

So this is a big deal even though I'm sure you guys are like, "It's just running, dude. Get over yourself." But it's NOT just running! It's actually going outside, possibly running into people (even though I went out at 5:30am, lol!) and doing an actual workout outside! This is major to me because I've had this thing about running since I was a teen.

I also feel like I was doing it wrong, LOL! It's weird to say but I was mentioning to Yami that it felt like I was literally hitting the pavement, like my steps were too hard, landing really hard. It was very different from running indoors like in my workouts but all in all I was glad I got out to do it. I'm hoping as the days go by that I will get more comfortable doing it and will be able to hold up better. I was following the instructions of an app I downloaded called C25K which lets me play my own music as I run and has verbal cues for when I should walk briskly or run so it was good for me since I didn't want to carry anything really in my hands while I was running and I didn't want to keep looking down at my app to see when I would have to walk or run again. So I was glad to do it.

I don't have any pain yet but I only did it this morning so I'm expecting some kind of soreness at some point. I also am not exactly interested in running a 5K but mostly working up to being able to run for longer periods of time for the calorie/cardio burn. I've grown kind of tired of doing videos in the morning and sometimes with the pain in my back, jumping around to Insanity is extremely painful. So while running can also put a strain on me, so far I am ok.

It also frees up my mornings because if I get the workout done outside I can be back before my guy wakes up to walk the dog and then I can do all my usual morning stuff without hurrying. And it was especially nice this morning since it's been cool these last few days.

Anyways YAY!
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