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Friday, August 16, 2013

So, after Monday evening's visit to urgent care, given nothing more than Flexeril (that I already had & had used to no avail)... and after speaking finally yesterday to the nurse at the kidney spec's office and awaiting an answer about changing up the BP med again... today (technically yesterday as it's after midnight already) led me to my GP's office for blood work - but not without delay, of course!

3am Chrissy needed ... NEEDED to go out... and then well, so did I (not out, but 'down the hall)... then I sat at the computer for a few, after stopping at the fridge and mindlessly grabbing a diet Snapple (running low on bottled water in fridge, because it's all in my trunk in the basement, and I'd not been able to carry it up). What was I thinking??? At about 4am after finishing off the bottle, I remembered the blood work... yes, FASTing blood work. OOOPS! So, since they never tack a 'time' on the lab work days, I decided I'd continue true fasting until about 1pm - while at work... starving, trying to keep my mind off the hunger (when the back pain wasn't taking over my thoughts).

Finally left work after 1:30 and headed to the GP's office for the lab work. I'd decided once the bloody massacre to my arm was over, I was going down the hall to see if my GP couldn't squeeze me in as a walk in. I wanted some sort of answers, but mostly RELIEF! I had to wait a bit, but better than not getting in at all! I explained everything since late last June when I first injured - because I'd just gone to urgent care after hours then as well. But that time they had no qualms treating me. He agreed, that oral steroids would not be easy on the kidneys for me. Thankfully, he at least sent me across the hall and they at least took x-rays (at least something diagnostic, to rule out anything terrible). Yay, spaces between vertebrae looked good... some curviness, but nothing that worried him. My guess, it's from how I've been twisting/contorting in pain all week! LOL

So, his answer was a steroid SHOT in the ol' backside... that wouldn't rely on my kidney having to process it - so no harm. Here's hoping it provides some relief... along with the Lortabs he gave me - so hopefully I'll sleep well tonight, and between that and the flexeril and the steroid, I'll perk back up! Here's hoping!

The other reason I really decided I needed to go see him... just before I headed out for the blood work, I finally got the call back from the nurse at the kidney spec's office. FINALLY... she said the doc finally responded to her, and that I should stop taking the cozaar... and keep an eye on my BP and let them know the results. I took the way it was stated as - "fine, do what you want". Of course, I told her, that's good, because I've not taken one since the other evening when I first asked them about the side effects I was having. So, I wanted another Dr's office (where I haven't been experiencing white coat syndrome since I've been going there for years now) to check the BP today and not rely on the machines at the pharmacy or my wrist monitor that apparently does always read low - or I'm always more relaxed and less anxious when using it). It was a whopping 130/80. When I was at Urgent Care Monday night, it was 124/84. While not stellar, it's far from worrisome to me at this point. Those systolic numbers surely reflect the pain I've been in since Monday morning - so I'm REALLY not worried about it.

I am kinda curious tho'... my temp was a bit higher than my normal 97.6 (for the past 35+ years) both Monday and today. Could be I started developing the sinus infection that is one of the side effects of Cozaar! Or, perhaps my body is finally raising that core temp since I've not had a cig in 2.5 yrs (still get my nic fix via vaping, but haven't combusted tobacco or the other 4,000 chemicals packed in those papers with a filter!). I dunno, I'm leaning more towards fighting an illness. But, I'm also confident that if I lost the back pain, and was able to move around and get more than what ... about 2400 steps today? ... that maybe I'd be able to fight it off without worry. I've not had a sinus infection, or anything more than a cold really (had a bad ear infection once) since that last cig. I used to get them quarterly, and often it would become pneumonia. So, I know vaping is 1,000 times better than tobacco cigs for me... and I've drastically cut down my nicotine levels in that 2.5 yrs, but still want/need my crutch. It's really no more harmful than caffeine - and hey, I believe I've licked that demon too! I can have some, but then still survive days without! Wahoo on that triumph!

So, now it's about time to slow down, and get this tush to bed so I can sleep thru the night!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!! I'm sure hoping to!!!! (altho' the yards are looking mighty awful - except Chrissy's, that I mowed last Sunday - was hoping hubby would pitch in since I've been down for the count - no luck!)

Happy weekending!!!!!!!!!
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    i hope the meds give you good relief.
    1676 days ago
    With our luck, will be raining all weekend...
    1676 days ago
    I just read your update and glad to hear you are doing better. Also glad you got to see your doctor. As for your BP, those numbers are bad. What are they looking for in the numbers? I have to laugh, one doctor that I loved dearly always teased me about white coat syndrome. When I went for my annual, she would have her nurse take it and I would be fine.

    Have a great Friday!!!! Tell hubs it's his turn to get out in the yard.
    1676 days ago
    May as well update here too -

    WHEW! I finally feel some relief! The combination of the shot, Flexeril and a few hours later even - a Lortab... and I've slept like a rock! (that woke only about 3 times I can remember LOL)

    MUCH less pain, able to stand up and walk through the house! Yeah, back's a lil' sore - but nothing like the crippling pain I had just last night!

    Now, why couldn't urgent care have chosen to give me a steroid shot on Monday evening to spare me 3 extra days of suffering??? I certainly wasn't going to ask them for any pain meds, but so appreciate that my doctor knows me well enough to give them to me! I'm sure they thought I was drug-seeking... yeah, because in 5 yrs this was my 3rd time there... last time 2 months ago and no pain meds requested or given... time before that was the dog bite on my left hand, that I ended up with a staph infection from the visit there (as I lay blame, it was not the bite - happened after going there). Y'no, no pain meds then either - just tylenol/ibuprofen cycling was all they suggested.

    Wow, what a difference a lortab-sleep makes ;)
    1676 days ago
    I've heard about the "white coat syndrome" - not a great thing to have to deal with......

    And what's up with your hubby NOT "stepping up" when you're down, eh? Sounds like someone needs a good talking-to!



    Here's to a much better Friday (and weekend) for ya - you certainly *deserve* it!

    1676 days ago
    1676 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    just remember that this is the first day of the rest of your life
    1676 days ago
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