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Vacation Aftermath

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I have returned! Before I get into a variety of topics and reflections I thought I should share the last sunset my husband and I shared on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday:

My current state is exhausted and puffy, which means it's time to blog out the positives and share a few things I've realized along the way. Ten months ago I asked my husband how he would feel about seeing Arizona - primarily the red rocks and Grand Canyon - and he was open to the idea. At the time I was 225 pounds. I didn't think anything of it. I figured it would be beautiful and fun and that would be that. Eight months ago I got tired of being slow and tired all the time, engaging in my weight loss journey. In hindsight, my mother was passive aggressively telling me I was too unhealthy to enjoy vacation by making comments about how I better hit the gym if I plan on hiking or at least enjoy the vacation. Nevertheless, I joined SP and selected an image of the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon to represent an ambitious NSV I was planning for.

I did it!

First, a visual: I happen to love an old, stretched out gray v-neck tee, which allows me a before and after in the same shirt for the first time. This first number is one year ago - last summer's vacation (road trip):

This is this year's, at the top of a vortex in Sedona - Cathedral Rock:

I think the pictures speak for themselves, but last summer's photo would not have made it up a butte alive and smiling, which brings me to my NSVs:

1.) I completed 36 miles of aggressive hiking in one week.
2.) I hoisted myself up over rocks twice my height without help.
3.) I ran, jumped, lept, and at times slid across rocky and wet terrain without any injury or failure.
4.) I hiked from the South Rim to the Colorado River in 5 1/2 hours. That's 5,000 feet in elevation and about 14 miles.
5.) Another hiker called me "athletic" and "fit".
6.) My husband relied on MY pace because he couldn't keep going.
7.) I did not rest once during my climbs. In fact, they made me feel more alive.

Here's me mid-hike from the rim to the river:

I couldn't believe what I was doing and the ease it was coming to me with. I felt strong and confident and I know a large part of that is having shed 72 pounds thus far.

We also saw some great sunrises and sunsets. So here's my "pretty up-ed" photo before we head to dinner:

I busted my (and my husband's) butt on this trip. It was the most active and enthusiastic vacation we have ever had. And I felt great. Arizona is also delightfully more nutrition/whole food aware. The restaurants and food stores where a relief as far as content and quality of food - though this is not the same as low-cal and that's where the tone of this blog shifts.

After about 28 hours of traveling home I feel gross. I'm thirsty, puffy, lethargic, etc... I've been downing water all day and know I will catch up on rest tonight (I've reached over tired). I was hoping to workout this afternoon to alleviate the lethargy and puffiness, but all my workout gear (including shoes) are COVERED in the dust and dirt of Arizona. The washing machine is going, but not fast enough to beat out the gym closing time. I'm trying to chalk it all up to extreme elevation and time changes, reasoning this as my rest day, which I guess I need. So instead I'm sharing my trip with all of you, reflecting on the NSVs that allowed all this to happen.

Weight sidenote: I haven't weighed myself post-vacation. I think I will first thing tomorrow morning, though I told myself I would only ever weigh in on Wednesdays. So we will see about that one. I'm a bit nervous.

Okay, one more. Here I am hanging out in a vortex again:

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