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My Numbers in One Year

Thursday, August 15, 2013

As I'm approaching my one year anniversary with SparkPeople in September 2013, I decided to check out what progress I've made in all my "numbers".

First and foremost, of course, is my weight. I've lost 30 pounds from 205 down to 175 and have kept it off for 3 months. I haven't reached my goal of 50 pounds lost, but I've come a LONG WAY and I'll get there eventually.

All my other "non-scale victories" are also extremely important, maybe more so, as your health involves a lot more than just your weight. My health has improved SO MUCH !

My waist measurement has shrunk from 42 inches to 36 inches ! That amazes me ! I know women should have a waist measurement of 35 inches or less - so only ONE inch to go to reach my goal !

My blood pressure used to be high - around 140/90. Now one year later my blood pressure is perfect at less than 120/80. I bought a monitor second hand and keep track. I also get it checked at the doctor's office and when I donate blood. I didn't need medication.

Years ago I had high cholesterol (260) and my doctor wanted me to take lipitor. I refused. I changed my diet to low in saturated fat (and no trans fat) and today my cholesterol is fantastic at 160 ! That's a 100 point drop - and I did it all with diet and exercise.

Also in the past I was anemic from my diet, menstruation, and donating blood. I was weak and tired all the time. My hemoglobin was only 9.8. (The normal range is around 11 to 14 ) My iron and ferritin were tested and then my doctor prescribed supplemental iron. Prescription iron pills I did take and now I take a multi-vitamin with 18 mg of iron daily. My hemoglobin is now normal at 13.2 and I have so much more energy.

I keep track of other "numbers" too but those are the main ones. My weight, waist measurement, blood pressure, and cholesterol have all gone down and my hemoglobin has risen to the normal range. Most of all I FEEL so much better. I have more energy. I can move so much easier. I've come a LONG way.

Pastor Rick Warren wrote: "Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be."

Amen to that !
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