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Don't Try To Be Perfect, Just Be Better!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

This whole thing that we are doing here is a process. The process starts by identifying what the problem is. Then we make a plan to remedy the problem. The process ends when we follow the plan that we set in place until the problem is eliminated. Simple, right? In a perfect world, that is what would happen, but as we all know, this is far from a perfect world!

So often we spend our time trying to be perfect. "If I eat this and don't eat that I will lose the weight!" "If I do cardio for so many minutes every day then I will lose weight!" "I will never eat another cookie again and I will log 100 workout minutes every day!" "I will, I will, I will..." and when we don't do that, we feel like we have let the world down.

You haven't!

How about you add another "I will..." to the process! How about you add...

"I will not try to be perfect, but I will be better!"?

NEWSFLASH...YOU ARE NOT PERFECT! We are after all, human! We will make mistakes. You will have a cookie again. You will have plenty of days where you don't get in 100 minutes of workout time. It happens! Life happens! Bumps in the road happen. POTHOLES in the road happen! When those bumps and potholes happen, you are not letting the world down. Those potholes WILL NOT define who you are with this process! What will define you is how you fill in those pot holes and continue driving down the road!

No, that is not me...but I know the feeling

I know that I have had plenty of potholes on my process road! I have hit potholes along the way that have broken me down and reduced me to tears. No, I am not ashamed to admit that! I own that! That is my process! There wasn't anything easy about losing 215 lbs and there isn't anything easy now trying to lose the next 15! The process is a struggle. But if you trust that struggle, stick with it, and trust the process, you will be forever grateful that you did! You will NOT regret it!

Believe in your struggle! Believe in your process! Believe that you are on your process road and you won't let any potholes stop you!

You don't have to be perfect, just be better! Just be better than you were last year. Just be better than you were last month. Just be better than you were last week. Just be better than you were yesterday! Then what? Be better tomorrow than you are right now!

Be Better!

Embrace Your Possibilities

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