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The morning train

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am not a runner by any sense of the word. I did sign up for the spark people walk jog 5k training program. This was to help me get ready for the WOW 5k on the 24th that I will be in. Now please understand I dont race against anyone but myself. the last virtual race I did my time was 41 minutes. So yes that is the time i want to beat or at least match. this morning I did 3 miles in 40 minutes. The very first 5k I did in 2011 took me almost 80 minutes so I have come a long way since then.

The WOW ( walking over water) is across a bridge in my area. Now the complications in this race as opposed to the last virtual race. During a surgery last year my Achilles tendon was severed. Because of this I have to jog especially careful who are we kidding I have to walk very carefully and always pay attention. One step the wrong way , one landing on it wrong and pop it will go and then my tendon will be at my knee and that doesnt sound pleasant to me. This past Monday while walking across my living room my sons black lab reached out and clamped on the back of my ankle she didnt bite but she did like pull it toward her which again was not pleasant either. Last night during a water plank there was a hideous cramp in the tendon and i had a limp afterwards. So heat before and ice afterwards is a must right now. Also the bridge i will be walking has incline and that could prove challenging for the foot but we will take it as it comes. The important thing is to continue to challenge past the fear of being hurt. If i dont try nothing will happen and well that doesnt seem like fun to me.

Another change since the last virtual 5k is the power source. I am down more than 50 pounds since then. My core is strong and the core is the powerhouse of the body. If you dont get a strong core you are running on back up power. My posture is strong. And I have flapping thighs lol. Ok so let me explain that one. My thighs are larger and I am still working on the getting rid of that weight there but i have a very defined thigh muscle. A few months back realized how defined in the water as the skin flapped like a runners thigh in the water . This morning when i was jogging i looked down and I what i perceive to be a runners flap. I could see the muscle strong and powerful under my skin. It still amazes me when i see these things as I have seen them on others but never on me. what more motivation does a person need than to bask in the wonders of their own body? it is an amazing feeling to move toward a goal that I have literally been told I could never do. I was told for two reasons I would never run one foot is in bad shape and two well my fat body would never allow that. So this morning I sent my doctor that did my foot surgery last year an email that stated this : Per diagnosis I would like to inform of you of the status of foot. This morning at 741 am I completed a 3 mile walk jog training where I walked a mile and half and I jogged a mile and half. I appreciate all that you did for me and my foot; however, you should stop using the word never as you dont really know what some are capable of with enough heart.
Best wishes,

If you are just starting out with your fitness or jogging My SCC gave me some tips that i would like to share with you :
1. dont compete with anyone
2. don't belittle your times
3. try not to think of stress while running
4. hydrate often
5. Go steady dont force the run
6. if it doesnt feel good then dont do it
7. run at least once in the rain
8. I set marks instead times. Times make me panic trying to keep up with them so i push to marks. this means sometimes i walk a little longer and others i jog a little longer than what the training program says to but it works for me.
9. Dont give up if you dont like it the first time do it. You wont be perfect the first or the last time you try it so just go steady and learn what your good is.
10. Sweat always equals smiles even if you end up crying the accomplishment will make you smile.

I am not an expert That is why I ask or say things So that I can learn and hopefully pass it on so someone else doesnt have such a hard time.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a neat race. Good luck!
    1523 days ago
    Have a fantastic time getting yourself ready for the run!
    1524 days ago
  • POPSY190
    I like the way you use your experience to share useful information with others. Makes it all seem so much more possible!
    1524 days ago
    You go girl!!! Take care of yourself and you will do great on that 5k!! I want a photo of you dominating that bridge!! emoticon
    1525 days ago
    Darlene thanks for the list of tips very useful especially #1
    1525 days ago
    I'm working towards a 5K as well. But I'm far from being ready yet. I'm doing a 20 minute walk-to-run program and then once I can run the 20 minutes, I'll finish out with a couch-to-5K to get ready. I am surprised at how hard it is to get my body accustomed to running! I've spent 4 weeks now on the 4th week of the routine. I'm just now ready to move on, but I'm not concerned about how long it takes me, just that I don't quit and that some day I complete a 5K.

    I'll keep you in my mind as I push to accomplish this! :) I had a friend tell me once, "Yeah, a 5K is a really good place for a beginner to start." I though, WHAT??? I couldn't even run for five minutes much less for the 30-40 a 5K requires. So your #1 and #2 advice is very important to me. I hope I NEVER tell someone something like that!
    1525 days ago
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