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Tasty Tip #18 ~ Watermelon Smoothies are Mightyfine for Breakfast!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thought I'd share my watermelon smoothie, since I just blogged about how to keep a watermelon fresh all week long...

I usually eyeball measures, and since people have various taste preferences you may like to include more or less of an ingredient on the list. Since I don't add any liquid to this recipe, there's quite a bit of watermelon it in... I would suggest you stay with that amount so that your drink isn't too thick.

I've found its easier on the blender and makes for a better mix if you add one set of ingredients below, blend, before adding another numbered ingredient/ingredient group. When you put the watermelon on the bottom, it makes plenty of liquid so that things go... umm... "smoothie"

These the basic ingredients and the order in which I add them to the drink:

1. WATERMELON (check yesterday's blog to get a general idea how much I use)
1 Brazil nut (for its selenium)


2. One scoop Jarrow Unflavored WHEY,
1 tsp L-LEUCINE ( you can skip this, its something I add bc I'm old),
1/2 a washed lemon, skin, seeds and all
1 tsp LECITHIN ( you can skip this as well, but it helps keep the oils in suspension in the smoothie as well as being a good source of choline and inositol),
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp rice bran oil
1 tsp Carlson's unflavored cod liver oil
1 tsp olive oil (the oils all have beneficial properties of their own, plus they help make the lycopene from the watermelon and other oil soluble vitamins more digestible)


3. 1 cup or so of blueberries,
1 cup or so of raspberries (great for fiber)


4. A quarter of a bunch of cilantro (cilantro has been shown to help chelate mercury, if you eat fish or have amalgams, you may benefit from this. That said, make sure you like the taste of cilantro, bc for some people, it tastes exactly like soap... its a genetic thing.)


5. 3-4 leaves of Kale. I like the purple Kale for this, bc it makes for a nicer colored product. (Kale is choc full of minerals and vitamins, fiber)

BLEND and your done.
I like to take my probiotic with this drink, it gets them (and me) off to a good start.

: )

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