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Thursday, August 15, 2013

So I have not watched TV in my apartment for the last two years and counting. Basically, my TV set was just a large DVD player :P So this begs the question why on Earth am I paying for digital cable that I am not using???? At a cost of $50 per month, I have cost myself $1200 for something I am not using!!! To be forgiving on myself, I had bought a special bundle deal and had no idea how much it really cost. Life has been rather hectic and taking care of errands like these (I had to return the cable box to a very out of the way location, a royal pain for a non driver) simply get shoved on the backburner. Live and learn -that would have been a nice vacation fund!!!
I saw my physiotherapist today and she worked her magic on my ailing shoulder and elbow. She also had a suggestion that the flopping out of my elbow to one side might be due to a muscle not being used properly. That the three months of extreme pain I had felt rendering my elbow and hand useless was an attack of nerve pain and that the body shut down the muscles trying to relieve it, but when it finally got better, it forgot to turn on this one muscle group back on. Makes sense as nothing else does. When that pain was going on it was not a 'hot' joint, nor was it swollen so it for sure was not a flare, and in RA both sides usually fire it up not just one. I have had nerve pain and that certainly matched what I have felt before. So the fix is to isolate my elbow in the movement where it loses control and use a light weight to make it work and come back.
Another errand I finally got done was to see the eyeglass people. I simply was unable to read with these glasses as it was blurry most of the time and I had a little piece that was clear and if I moved my head slightly it would go fuzzy. Its been very frustrating. So she did a few adjustments and it was somewhat better, but the bottom line was I could not look at something straight on and see, I had to look through the left lens which was had a clear area. So she took them and said they would try a different lens with a bigger reading area. She claims she can get them back before my trip, but I am skeptical as they get sent to another province. I was hoping to do some reading on this trip, but it makes my eyes sore to try right now.
I did 60 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and a 50 minute Boxercise DVD and got through it fine. Unfortunately, what I am realizing is that the wild windmilling and rapid arm movements of Zumba is aggravating my shoulder and elbow which has caused me to miss two Boxercise classes now :( Zumba always is the night before unfortunately :( There are four Zumba classes in a week and only two Boxercise. So I guess I am going to have to give some of them up if I want my Boxercise :(( Its a very hard choice because I love them both, they are my favorites!! In case you say modify the arm movements, because I have zero balance, I basically need them to stay on track with the footwork which can get fast and complicated and the arm movements go with the footwork.
Tomorrow I will finally see this orthopedic technician and find out if his $388 orthotics will be worth it and anything he can do to stop my toes from painfully pinching when I walk all the time, not to mention the constant corn development on my big toes. We will see. He showed me what they look like, and they are for sure thin enough to fit in any kind of shoe. The problem I had with the regular ones is they were too bulky to fit most of my shoes, so I was going without.
For my evening I did laundry and housework, no exercise. Got to admit I get tired of hand washing workout clothes :( Unfortunately, I don't have like colors to put them in the wash with other things and besides they reek too much. I read you soak them in Sprite to kill the odor, has anyone heard of this or have a tip of their own? Its really hard to get the stink out even though I have very good detergent.
I am hoping to feel well enough to take my first step class in a while tomorrow morning. Keeping fingers crossed!
Have a Totally Terrific Thursday!
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    Thinking of you Linda, sounds like you are doing all you can to manage the pain.
    1509 days ago
    My husband decided to cut our cable service some time ago, and that means we can't much T.V access. This turned out to be a double blessing. We saved a lot of money every month and also never watch T.V. Everyone I know who has cable has a $100 bill or more. For people who use it all the time, it might be worth it, but we got a much less expensive package for phone and Internet only. Later we also dropped Netflix when it could no longer stream well on our nearly five-year-old desktop computer. We could stream on our laptops perhaps, but not quite as much fun! LOL

    I hope the doctor visits will help with easing the pain and that your eye glasses come back in time. I know many people who had to send their eye glasses back several times because the glass wasn't ground right or the prescription wasn't right. Very much hoping yours are just what you need. emoticon
    1518 days ago
    Glad to hear you are getting some answers and solutions on your pain issues. I sure hope they help out!
    Liquid bleach Oxyclean put in at the same time with detergent (Tide) works for me!
    Hope you get your glasses back in time got your trip!
    Take care and keep up the great work you do inspiring us all! You are one strong, determined woman! emoticon
    1520 days ago
    Bummer about the unintended expense. They sure are sneaky. I'm glad the doctor has some thoughts that might reduce your pain and increase mobility. You have suffered so much and worked so hard -- I'd like you to feel great.

    Sprite. really I've never heard that. I usually spritz stain remover on the pits and crotch of workout clothes and then wash them normally. It reduces odor and discoloration, but we might perspire differently. You know, I've heard of using seltzer water. Maybe that's where the sprite idea came from? Hope it works!
    1521 days ago
    I hope you can get all the physical things worked out and you enjoy your step class.
    I used to love step classes. Really fun.
    1522 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    Funny how some of us are going without tv watching, isn't it? And when you think of how much it really costs each month it is awful. I cut our cable package in half back in the Spring. I am tempted to cut it altogether but will see after the fall and winter.

    Maybe try the vinegar in your workout clothes? I don't like too many fragrances so usually use unscented detergents. Did you google it? Surely somebody out there has a solution. emoticon

    I really hope you get your glasses back before your trip! I can't imagine life without mine.

    You inspire me with your determination and pain tolerance. emoticon
    1522 days ago
    Vinegar might work also for the smell on your PT clothes! Just a thought!

    1522 days ago
    You are amazing and inspiring, as always, Linda.
    You have such a positive attitude despite the odds and obstacles.
    I learn from you all the time.
    1523 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Enjoy your exercise class. I hope all of the medical issues work for positive results.
    1523 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I cut out cable, too, for financial reasons. I hope you get new glasses in time to enjoy your reading!
    1523 days ago
    So glad you are staying on top of these health challenges.
    1523 days ago
    Glad to hear about your health visits - sounds like they might be able to control the pain!

    1523 days ago
    I've unplugged from TV also, can't remember when I last went to the tube to watch a specific show. I only catch snatches of what others may be watching, but only in passing.

    Now if only I could unplug from the 'net! :-)

    1523 days ago
    I really like Tide Sport (black cap) with Febreeze for my gym clothes . . . it really seems to make a difference.

    Here's hoping that physio is going to be able to help with your elbow .. . . and that your new glasses are back in time for your trip. New orthotics would be great for the extra walking too!!
    1523 days ago
    Call and be sure of the cost of your cable. My brother has the same issue, only it's his landline that he never uses. The package is TV/internet/phone, and dropping the phone would end up only saving about $3 a month because the cost of the other two services would go up. He keeps his phone so he can have a phone book listing, and old school buddies or whatever can reach him.
    1523 days ago
    I use OxyClean with detergent for my pt clothes. Also, Gain detergent deodorizes them quite well. There is a hand washing detergent called Forever New that works for odor, also. Plain old washing soda would probably work also. Borax for sure would work. I used it for the diaper pail soak when the kids were babies. It's probably the cheapest, also.

    Hope your able to do your exercise class tomorrow. Have a great day, Berta

    1524 days ago
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