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My husband's lunch

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I got these fun things called Lunch Blox (a Rubbermaid product). They just started showing up on shelves recently and fit together a little like Legos. I've seen them at both Target and Walmart, so you may be able to find them fairly easily near you, but they're so new, they may not have hit every shelf yet.

This is how I set up my husband's lunch today.

I know you noticed I'm still using white bread. It is about the 80% rule, so I can still have the useless bread instead of the whole grain stuff.

The thing about these Blox is that they're perfect for portion control and you can fit the right amount into them while making it still look like a lot!

I was reading the comments on Amazon and someone was complaining that the dressing container was too small for him, but it really is the right amount as you can fit the 2 tablespoon serving size into it, plus it comes with a lid, so you add the dressing, close the lid and shake! It coats your salad just right.

The container I have his pistachios in is about a quarter of a cup, just the right serving for nuts.

It's amazing that someone didn't think of this portion control earlier! I hadn't seen anything that comes close to these containers on the shelves before. I didn't show in the picture the lids or the freezer packs, but it all fits together perfectly, especially if you don't have access to a refrigerator before lunch. The freezer packs makes sure you have no excuses to have a healthy lunch to bring with you to lunch or outings that you know you won't be near a good place to get food that day.

You can see the different formations they have at this link:

To answer the question I got about it yesterday, it is plastic, but BPA free.

I'm not sure if it's because it's new to me, but I'm enjoying making my husband's lunches. It guarantees he has a fairly healthy lunch when I make it. I'm fortunate to have a husband that will eat some of that healthy stuff.

When I can afford to send my kids with lunches from home too, I'll invest in a bunch more of these and send them with fun lunches too. I'll feel better when I know what they're eating every day. Cheesey bread for lunches? Yeah, that's one of their entrees. I'm just glad I know my kids will pick and eat their fruits and veggies at lunch.

Today's Holidays: National Navajo Code Talkers Day and National Creamsicle Day.
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