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Wednesday 8-14-2013 Assortment

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Julianne taught kindergarten. One day during the art lesson, she was walking around looking at what the students were drawing and she stopped at little Maria’s desk. Maria was hard at work. Julianne said, “What are you drawing, Maria?”
“I’m drawing God!” announced Maria.
Julianne paused and then said, “But, Maria, nobody knows what God looks like.”
Without looking up, Maria replied, “Well, they will in a minute!”
Why is Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 47 in G Major known as the Palindrome Symphony?

Because the third movement is the musical equivalent of a palindrome—it’s the same played forward and backward.

OVERSCANNING: When a broadcaster sends out a television signal, the image is designed to be a little larger than a TV screen, so it fills the entire screen. On some older TVs, as much as 10 percent of the image couldn’t be seen.

ZAPPING: Changing channels when a commercial comes on.

ZIPPING: Fast-forwarding through commercials while viewing a prerecorded show.

COLD OPEN: When a TV show goes right into the program before the title or opening credits appear, then runs the title and credits a few minutes later (or has no opening sequence at all). It’s a device used to get viewers interested in the show before they have a chance to change the channel.
The most common category on Jeopardy!, it’s been featured more than 95 times. What is “Word Origins”?
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