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Tues, Aug 13, 2012 - Fun to Come - Getting Rid of Stress

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, just to update, we have been in countdown mode for independence day. The step daughter and her two babies will legally no longer be our responsibility. You have no idea how wonderful that makes us feel. She is very excited about turning 18 but at the same time very fearful. She knows that we will no longer have the apartment by end of this month. She has to go out on her own. Tough love. But you know, she has complied with much difficulty to everything we have asked. She has had some big incentives to get her life back together. I have to say, she is doing it.

Some good points:

1. My stress has lessened. I love living at the ocean. The peace is so awesome and hard to explain, but even my husband can feel the healings of the ocean.

2. Part of a study for my defibrillator

3. Taking my first real vacation since my first heart attack. We will be flying to Vegas for ten days. I am having anxiety over flying and praying I don't get sick

4. Step daughter is / has been going to school full time and getting good grades.

5. Step daughter approved for full time daycare and been utilizing it for appointments and school.

6. She has been in search of housing

7. We were very pained with her moving in with ex bf and that isn't going to happen since she kept asking to come stay with us and the babies are very attached to us, we found her a place close to us, not the most ideal, but better than no it will be very cramped, small but doable and she is SO SO excited about us securing this for her. But the best part of it all was her excitement and saying, "I am moving out on my own, but yet I am kind of still living with you and dad." She is so fearful of leaving the nest with her two babies. Everything has been baby steps, to bigger steps, and much pains along the way for me, but to see her excited and doing the things she needs to be doing makes me proud. She even got rightfully mad at me, and I apologized and didn't know if she was going to rebel or what, and wow, she got pissed and got over it and moved on without retaliation. She has made zero efforts on hurting us or burning us as it is so called, but she hasn't made life easy either. Let's just say, us being close but gone has made a big difference so I truly hope securing this place we are looking at becomes a very viable situation. She also said with great excitement, "The babies get to be close."

8. I am taking my first 10 day vacation since first heart attack in 2010, Aug - wow 3 years ago...two years ago since heart surgery....8 weeks ago since defib.

9. Get to meet my husband's brother for first time. Getting to see his mom too. So excited for our tip.

10. I am working on getting myself healthy. One thing my bio daughters have taught me to healthy body is "Get Rid of The Stress."

Stress is one of the most wicked wicked thing for our body. A little stress is ok, but a lot of stress is not. My life has been full of stress / anxiety since as far back as I can remember. No matter how much I have tried, it always is getting in the way. Stress will prevent weight loss, no matter what you do, so what is the one thing to healing the body, to losing weight is to get rid of the stress. How do you do this? I've tried meditation, walking, biking, etc, but it only helps manage the stress. This IS NOT enough. As much as I managed my stress well, it was the main trigger to my heart attacks. It is the main trigger to my weight.

As many of you know, I have gone through many many changes, hurdles, roadblocks, stop signs, greenlights, redlights, and the list goes on. I have made many life changes as well. I don't have the answers to getting rid of the stress except that the things causing the stress, you need to evaluate and really take the measures to getting rid of the stressor.

Some stresses, you can't just walk away from, while other stresses you can, and some you can only manage until you can remove them. I am finding the less stress, the happier I am and my goal, my number 1 goal to healthy body is:

1. GET RID of STRESS!!!!
2. Drink Water!!!!!
3. Exercise / move

Ok, that is it my top 3 goals. Some of you may have noticed I only have 3 goals instead of my usual 5. Well, for right now, until Stress is gone, weight is not going to go off of me. Ah Ha, but weight doesn't need to go up either....hmmm so as my daughter put me on a count down for my biggest stress and do everything I can to keep it managed or gone in between. Concentrate on ME. Water is just too important as it is needed to keep hydrated to help reduce stress, cleanse the body, etc. You have to have water to help reduce / manage stress. Exercise / move is just another tool to get manage the stress, to move and work muscles, to keep heart and blood flow going. No strenuous exercise, just walking, biking, light arm exercises, etc.

Now, once the stress is gone, I can go into managing stress, to actual working on adding other goals to start the weightloss process. Keep in mind, the 3 goals is a BIG start of that process.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good to hear from you Nadine! Sounds like your head and heart is in the right place and that things are looking up for you!
    1645 days ago
    Sounds like things are really turning around for you & yours. Glad that your stress will lighten up & that you have set your goals in place. I'm happy for you!
    1650 days ago
    Isn't life good to us when we don't expect it.
    1650 days ago
    I sure hope it gets better and better, down the road. You earned a real vacation. And it's hard when adult kids have issues.... emoticon
    1651 days ago
    emoticon I am so proud of you!! Your example has always been so inspirational and I agree with you about STRESS, it is very bad for all of us and even worse for those of us who have Heart Diseases of any type. Our life depends on us limiting the stress and find healthy ways to deal with stress, so it doesn't have as much of an impact on our Hearts and Body! I will say a prayer for your trip and Pray all goes well for you. Have a wonderful time! Congratulations on all the successes you have had and how well your Step Daughter is doing, you have taught her well!
    Hugs, Diana
    1651 days ago
    1651 days ago
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