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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Clearing ThoughtsÖ

If I donít lose another pound Iíll be blessed in knowing that I did lose 52 pounds. I changed me for me, and I didnít do it for another person, place, or thing. I did it for me. Yeah, I just realized that. I changed for me. Not for another person, place, or thing. I did all of this for me.

When we realize the true meaning behind our weight loss journeys Ėthatís when we grow and really start to clear our thoughts and become our lighter self. My passion to eat up, gulp down, fry up, and consume high amounts of fats, sugars, and all that other (process stuff) is now behind me.

Iíve learned that clearing my plate would not clear my negative thoughts. Iíve learned that accepting (me) for who I am now is more greatly appreciate by the Divine that lives in me. This is no longer a race to my body image (grace!) but a slow step by step process to my inner-self and spiritual healing.

I thought (others!) would accept me with open arms if I release a few pounds, but the truth of the matter is. If youíre 100 pounds light or heavy they do not have to accept you for whom or what you are, if you donít accept and respect yourself at all.

You can clean up, put on a nice suit, and still be (trapped!) inside. You can release 100 pounds, and still be trapped in the same state of mind.
I choose not to be trapped in that old state of mind.

Clearing my thoughts is better than clearing my plate. Iím no longer eating away at me. Iím no longer munching myself to an early grave, and I can see all these blessings. We pick and choose our battles; my battle back then was acceptance. I accept me fully as I am right now, and thatís the greatest reward if I donít lose another pound.

Here's to you...

Today's affirmation(s)
~I love me & I am so blessed!

Peace & Blessings
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