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The 'save our house' tour continues...our home means the world to us!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

emoticon Hi all! I must say I'm just so grateful to you for being such wonderful supportive friends! This 'save our house' fight has been SOOO exhausting and I decided I just really wanted you to see what we are fighting for.

Why not share our beautiful home...the one that we have worked our GUTS out to enjoy. It's special not only because it is beautiful and it has 'my brand' in every room...but more special because of the wonderful family memories it brings up whenever I move from room to room.

Those special memories of COURSE all revolve about our beautiful son Joshua who we lost in 2006.

In the kitchen I think about the meals we prepared together, in the dining room I think of all the karoke parties we laughed and enjoyed. In the living room, the baby showers for one of the daughters of my best friend that he grew up with.

In our bedroom I think of him bounding in on Christmas mornings when he was a teen-ager saying "Rise and Shine.... mums and dad...I've got presents to open ya know!" emoticon emoticon That was OUR Josh...ever the irreverent jokester...but the kid with a heart of pure gold. He ALWAYS made me open his present from him FIRST...no matter how anxious he was to plow into his. emoticon I LOVE our Josh sooo much and I miss him as much today... seven LONG years later... as I did the day he went to accept his angel wings.

Josh at his grandma's house in Iowa one Christmas day. Wasn't he SO cute? emoticon

But onto the house tour.

Here's the staircase that leads off of our leisure room (fancy term for TV room or den) up to my jewelry studio. It's the ONE color mistake I made in the entire house. I had 3 shades of orange picked out. That wall was too high even for usually fearless.. Bobbi to take on. We were having the outside of the house painted so I thought...hummm...maybe I'll have a professional do it. Somehow I told him the wrong color on the color strip...or he got confused and bought the wrong color...but it's MUCH too orange. It should be a softer tangerine~y shade...but oh well...I'm not worried about it at this point. If we stay here...I'll deal with it then.

Again...I'm adding pics and saving as I construct this blog...so if you don't see many pics..I'm still working on it. emoticon

Here's one of my fav motif walls I LOVE botanical pics..they are the ONE pic (at least for me) that I NEVER get tired of looking at. I also LOVE bird pics...it must be a Florida thing?

You can see other pics of my upstairs jewelry studio on my pic page. No need to duplicate them here.

Now we'll go to the 'work horse' room in the house...that's our office. It's right off the front door so when we had the big construction biz we could have the occasional customer or builder come to see samples and they didn't have to tromp through the whole house. Normally I'm VERY private about our house with people I don't know so this office right off the front door was a big convenience.

I must say it's REALLY something that I'm sharing all of our humble home with you. I've even thought of making my page private because of this share. Hummmm still thinking on that one.

We have two work spaces...one for the hubs and one for me. But we always end up fighting over the Mac soooooo...we're usually in here at different times doing our thing.

Here's the Mac station and the one I'm most frequently at. I LOVE the maps on the wall...I can easily see where we are headed on our Teddy Bear Challenges on the world map...and then to the right of the computer there's a United States map so I always know where most of my sparky friends are. I look over and say HEY Kay...in TN...I know right where you are as I'm typing to you! emoticon I LOVE that we have friends EVERYWHERE...and Spark makes it happen! emoticon

This is one of my FAV pics that came home from our consignment gallery to our office. I have a rule about bringing things home. First off they have to be there for at least 4 months. They have to be WORTH more than anyone is willing to pay for them. AND...they have to speak to me saying 'take me home to a GOOD home Bobbi and I know your's is the place I most want to be!"

Okay...we all KNOW I'm a sentimental 'corn ball'...get it from Iowa...corn? emoticon

Here's the back wall of the office..it's all crocodile tears green and has one chocolate brown accent wall...painter...ME! emoticon

Here's another interesting motif...the wall shelf is REALLY for a bathroom...but WHY not in the office for texture and interest. You might be able to see my little bear totems from N. Mexico that I fell in love with and couldn't stop buying. My animal totem is the bear. Josh's was the wolf. I also have a cool abalone shell mask from a trip to the Bahamas. It's pretty cool too. That awesome little mica gold/clay mask is my ALL time fav..it came from an Indian Pueblo in Taos and has corn husk trimmings. I LOVED Taos..we almost bought a house there when we had more money than sense from our construction biz back in the day.

Yes I was truly obsessed with masks for a long, long time...but I sold most of them at the consignment gallery. I read in one of Josh's journals that they creeped him out...so after knowing that (even after his passing) they just didn't speak to me any more. I still have a few of my very favorite ones...but who needs zillions of ANYTHING? emoticon

Here's an edited version of them after I sold a lot of them. I'm moving things around constantly so it's always different at the gallery. It makes it a lot more fresh and fun..and hey...I'm ALWAYS burning calories! emoticon

Here's most of them when I first took them in. They sold pretty quickly...most everyone seems to like masks...hummm a mask biz anyone?

I kept this cool wooden elephant one...he's located above the door to the den in the entry hall. When you get elephant's always get one's with their trunks facing up...that's good luck!

Now into the master bedroom. This is pretty close to the front of the house too...right next to the office...which I really didn't think I'd like...but it's no problem. I just keep the double doors closed if we have customers come to the office. This almost never happens anymore. And our friends know every room in the house anyway. emoticon

I totally LOVE this smokey blue paint color. Soooo restful. And we had our friend who is a handyman put in the double row of the white ceiling accent moulding. I love the pa~zazz it gives off against the smokey blue walls!

I'm one who believes NO TV in the bedroom. It messes with your sleep routine. I go to bed to read a little before falling asleep, sleep...and yep...occasionally a little hanky panky...if you know what I mean. emoticon emoticon

Here's another view. I totally LOVE that rockin' mirror...got that at HomeGoods for a steal. It had a little piece of mirror missing...but aren't we LUCKY our best friends own a glass biz so my best friend just made a little template and ta~da...as good as new!

Here's another FAVORITE thing..this wonderful silver patina chest. Now this I DID spend a fortune on...but it's timeless and will go with me anywhere...even a tent if I have to have one of those to live in! emoticon

Here's the wall right next to my side of the bed. Love these wood medallions...I got these at a bedding store. They carry out the theme of chocolate brown and smokey blue...tranquil and restful colors for sure!

And...here's a pic of our beautiful son and his girlfriend Andrea...he's the last little guy I see before I fall asleep at night...Hubs..is a night owl and I'm usually long asleep by the time he comes into bed...he's an early riser too...so the pic of Josh is the first angel I wake up to every morning...there is NOTHING that equals a mother's love...nothing! emoticon

Okay here's a shot of the small hall from our sitting room connected to the master bedroom. This is a REALLY cool feature of this house and I love it! It can be a kind of far walk to the bathroom at night though...lol! emoticon

Oh my goodness...out of time for today's blog...yes...the house tour returns tomorrow...thanks sparky's for enjoying my home as much as we do! I've still got mountains of paperwork to send out in my quest to save it.

Keep those prayers coming. If we manage to save it I should have a big ole' hoe down and invite you ALL to come! emoticon emoticon

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