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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Had a great weekend :) Filled with farmer's market, the driving range (which was not a brilliant display of athletic talent on my part, but still fun), cooking, cleaning, hanging out with friends, and of course 2 good workouts. Saturday's was ok, but Sunday's was wicked fun and left me completely pooped :p Like, in bed by 9:30 and slept until 6:30 kind of exhausted. I never sleep that late! Even missed Monday morning crossfit! Went after work instead though ;)

Ok. Another goal to add to the list. May not happen in August, but I will start working on it. I want to learn how to do a "double under" or more so, a heap of consecutive ones. A double under is skipping, but with the rope passing under your feet twice each time before you land. I just end up with whip lashes everywhere. It's not pretty. Yesterdays WOD was a hard one. Five rounds, for time:
- 1 over head squat
- 50 double unders (or 150 regular jump rope)
- 5 muscle ups (or muscle up transitions)
My time was 13:23. It was not a shining moment for this kid. I managed the first two rounds to complete my overhead squat with the 35lb bar holding a 10lb plate on each side. Still not super heavy, but felt respectable. By the third round, I couldn't hold the form :( So Dave came over and helped me tear the weights off the bar. Felt pretty lame doing the remaining rounds with just the bare bar, but my form was spot on again. "You'll get there! Don't sweat it!" Dave told me. I was still mad at myself though. And the reasoning behind wanting to learn the double unders... 150 jump ropes is a LOT!! I was dying by round 3 haha...
From our "what is crossfit?" lecture during the Elements classes -
Crossfit can be defined as:
- Constantly Varied (to always keep your muscles guessing)
- Functional Movements (to prepare you for real life situations)
- High Intensity
Makes sense... HOWEVER - I have thought really hard about it and can't come up with any situation in real life where I would need a double under. Ever. Kinda reminds me of grade 11 calculus when the teacher said I would need to know trigonometry in my adult life. That was a lie.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am in awe of your energy, I have to push myself to do half of that!

    1527 days ago
  • KAT321123
    As always, I'm totally inspired by your commitment to your fitness routine and challenging yourself to try new exercises! The double-unders totally remind me of being a kid. I know I could do that when I was ten or so but I'm pretty sure I'd end up with epic whiplash myself if I did it. I love how some of the things I did for fun as a kid are now making a comeback as exercise for adults (jump rope, hulahoop, etc.).

    Also inspired by how active you kept over the weekend!
    1527 days ago
    Love the analogy to math! Made me giggle at work because you know that teacher thought it was the truth! I think at double under might be more applicable to my daily life than calc though. :)

    1527 days ago
    Wow, that's quite the workout
    1527 days ago
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