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Vitality Challenge~Day 1

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stay at home mom completing Vitality Challenge

I have a great friend, Lauren Wardell. We met on SparkPeople through a class she would host every week.She helped me realize that I am so much more than I a Stay-at-home mom and I had value and purpose. I was worth putting myself first and taking the time to plan my meals & exercise routines. She also made me realize that I am a better Mom & Wife if I take a little time for myself & you know what she is completely right! She is part of the reason I became a Beachbody Coach and decided to do something for me and start to try and help others take control of their health & fitness too. So anyways Lauren has her own weight loss coaching business & she started a Vitality Challenge that I am taking part in. She prompt with questions to help us change a bad habit or really anything we want to change. We all have things we need to work on and get work on. I am no exception to that and I am ready to dig deep into myself and make some changes. So here is day one of the Vitality Challenge!

What are you hoping to get out of this challenge?

I am hoping to get rid of some things that I have been holding on to physically and emotionally for a long time. I am ready to set them free and be done with them…FINALLY!! They are bringing me down and that is not helping me to get where I want to be. It is funny just by saying that has made me feel so much better!

By the end of the 15 days…where do you want to be?

By the end of the 15 days I want to be free of the items physically and well on my way to freeing myself emotionally too. Emotionally I know will take a little more work and maybe even time. We are a work in progress, right?!?

What clutter do you want to have cleared?

I want to be cleared of the paper clutter that I feel I need to hold on to. It is really doing me no good to hold on to any of it but for some reason I feel compelled to keep it for some reason. Why do we think a card, newspaper clipping or other piece of paper will keep us connected to something we have lost or not longer want in our life.

Is there a specific room or closet in the house you want to have completely organized?

I have paper clutter in a lot of my rooms so it is in every room. I did work on clearing the clutter in my office this weekend and it really looks good. I feel more productive in there already!

What is gone that you were hanging around to before that is no longer serving you (physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually)?

I had some letters from people that are in my past and are not longer apart of my life but I was saving onto those letters for some reason. They were not a good influence and did not do anything but bring me down. I would get dragged into their drama and never had time to be there for me if I needed it. So I threw away all those letters. I am done with it & them.

Why did you choose to participate in this challenge?

I knew there were somethings I need to work on and I usually do great in the Vitality Challenges. They make me think and evaluate what is going on in my life that I do not like and what I need to change.

Why was it important to you?

I am always trying to change. The day I am not trying to make myself better is a very sad day for me. I am constantly reading personal development books or listening to something inspirational & motivating. Getting rid of unwanted stuff physically and emotionally is right up my alley and something I need to seriously do now. Keeping stuff that is holding down is not doing any good for anyone who is my life or especially me.

How are you going to keep yourself accountable?

I have an alarm on my phone that chimes with my to-do list so I have added many items to complete while in this challenge. I have a reward set up for myself when I complete this challenge. Notice I did not say if I complete this challenge. I am already claiming that I will complete the challenge. I learned a while ago that I have to claim that is done before it is done so my mind does not try to convince me to not to do it.

Are you going to comment on other people’s blogs?

I am absolutely going to comment on other people’s blogs. I will supporting as many people as I can as they try to change too. Support is super important when anyone is trying to change!

Get an accountability buddy?

I would love an accountability buddy but it seems like everyone I try to get they flake out on me. So I guess I have learned to keep myself accountable. Maybe it just has not been the right time for me to have one. I believe one will come into my life when the time is right.

Tell a friend you are participating?

I have told several friends that I am participating in this challenge and they are super happy for me. They hope I get everything I want out of it. Their support does mean a lot to me.

Journal every single day?

I will journal everyday. I have learned that writing in a journal everyday allows me to release what ever is going on in my life. When I write or type something down it is like its gone and over with. It makes me feel so much better about everything in my life.

At the end of the challenge, what do you want to FEEL like?

I want to feel free. I want to feel happier. I want to feel more confident and accomplished.

Do you want to feel lighter?

Absolutely. Getting rid of stuff is so liberating and empowering. The weight will be lifted off my shoulders and my spirit will be free!

More focused?

I am already more focused in my office where I have already gotten rid of a lot of my paper clutter. It truly amazes me how the stuff around you physically can effect you in your mind so deeply.

More organized?

I have been setting to-do lists on my phone for quite awhile now so I feel like I am pretty organized but getting rid of paper clutter is definitely going to make me more organized because I will not be holding to unnecessary papers anymore.

Super accomplished?

I won’t have to take time anymore to organize or throw things out so yes I will be super accomplished and get amazing things done everyday.
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    The vitality challenge sounds awesome. I'm glad you are taking time for you - that is so important! When we don't take time for ourselves then our health and happiness suffers for sure. Best wishes and hope you have lots of success!
    1676 days ago
    What a GREAT IDEA! This would be wonderful if we could tie it into the Stay at Home Mom team somehow.

    WAY TO GO!
    1678 days ago
    Keep posting the challenge questions - they are great!
    1679 days ago
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