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My Fragile Little Knees

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey there Sparkers!

I'm here to whine a bit about my current lack of progress. I have no doubt that if I could exercise more, my progress would kick back into gear, BUT I feel like I shouldn't exercise.


My knees have been aching all week. It's the strangest thing. I make sure to wear sensible shoes and I do low impact exercises. So, I'm sure I haven't damaged them in any way. Also, they both hurt and started doing so at exactly the same time. I decided I should take it easy and see if it clears up by itself, but after a week of doing nearly nothing, they still ache.

It could be that I'm just getting old.

My husband says, "You probably have Lyme Disease."

Which of course makes me paranoid about having Lyme Disease. I sit and stew about it.

My husband says if it doesn't clear up soon, I have to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. They never get my sense of humor, which leads to frequent misunderstandings.


Well, here's to my knees...may they mend swiftly...because I'm tired of worrying about it.

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    How old are your sensible shoes?? I've read elsewhere that if one has been walking (or running etc) in their shoes more than 500 miles and then suddenly start getting aches and pains where they hadn't been (especially if one isn't suddenly changing the intensity or length of time etc of the walking or running program), it could be that the shoes have worn out and it's time to replace. That's basically what I do, because I'm not going to throw out my expensive sensible shoes just because I finished 501 miles in them. I just keep switching them out and wearing them (supposedly it's better to have two pair of shoes for walking or running, to give the worn pair a good 24-48 hours to dry out etc and resume their shape, and makes both pair last longer than they would if you wore same pair day after day.)...

    The other thing I do for my achey joints (I get it in the right knee usually because left knee/leg is shorter than the right leg, so it's the right leg that hits the ground sooner and harder.), is to take regular doses of beef gelatin - I just sprinkle it in smoothies or stir it in cold water until blended and then add it to warm soup etc (it doesn't work right to pour into hot water first - it just blends much easier in cold water. Just the nature of the beast...).

    Hope the knees are doing better already before you read this!!

    1532 days ago
  • DR1939
    Try wearing knee braces when you walk. I have flares of arthritis and during those times my knees buckle and hurt like crazy. I bought some Ace knee braces, just the elastic fabric, not ones that are rigid, and wore them when I walked. It allows me to walk with much less pain and the flare-up tends to be shorter than before. Do this only after your physician has evaluated your knees for injuries. You might consider seeing a CNP rather than an MD. They tend to do more complete physicals.
    1558 days ago

    You actually brought up a couple of possibilities that I had considered. Right now, I am at work, sitting in this gawd awful chair, and I can feel the chair digging into my hip...and I think, "I bet this chair is causing me troubles." Later, when my work swings into full gear, I won't be sitting as much, but that's a couple of weeks away still.

    Also, the no shoes thing...I hate wearing shoes. I only wear shoes if I absolutely have to. So, it is possible that wearing shoes is causing me troubles...but it never has before...and like I said, I wear good shoes. My grandmother instilled in me a deep fear of cheap shoes.

    As for Wee Doggie, she's fine. She doesn't like that I'm back at work though, and she follows me around like my little shadow when I get home.
    1559 days ago
    emoticon Oh, it is really a pity they don't get your sense of humor....
    Well, their loss mostly, but it also makes you not want to go emoticon
    Let's hope they feel better soon! And if not, you are a big girl you'll do what you have to do emoticon

    The pic is very cute!

    1559 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    I hope your knees feel better soon
    1559 days ago
    I'm in agreement! I trip to the doctor sounds like a good idea. Think of it as piece of mind! I hope those knees of yours stop aching. (Mine do, at times, when the weather changes, but I still hate that feeling!) Maybe a nice easy walk would help?

    Oh by the way, cute knees! Hang in there and good luck.
    1560 days ago
    The knees are adorable, but they really should go in for a doc visit. If you approach it right, there really are docs out there who work well with sarcasm (not that I would ever do such a thing...).

    I'm wondering whether returning to work and sitting a lot more than you're used to might be having an adverse affect on your knees. I'm also wondering if you might be like me and spend your time at home barefoot, and the return to wearing work shoes might have something to do with it.

    Last possibilities that spring to mind are being low in calcium (my shins ache when I've been low for a few days), or being low on sleep (the Man has a serious issue with achy knees and thighs when he hasn't had enough sleep).

    Hope you had a great weekend, and are setting up for a good week!

    By the way - how's Wee Doggie doing?
    1560 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I second that about a Dr. visit. You haven't injured them, you have been careful and they are still being a pain. Time to find out what the problem is. I am afraid most Dr.'s don't have a sense of humor -they see too much bad and not enough good, except for those that deliver a lot of babies -see a female Dr. ;)
    Hoping its nothing serious..
    1560 days ago
    Sounds like a doctor visit may be in order. Hope they get better soon and you can get back to your normal life. Hate when our bodies don't let us do what we want.
    1560 days ago
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