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July Recap - 13lbs gone and 16.75 inches

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Better a bit late than never... here's a recap of July. in the month of July I lost 13 pounds and lost a total of 16.75 inches!! The Dexascan I had done shows I lost 10 pounds of fat and .75 pounds of muscle. I was pretty worried about the loss of muscle especially since I gained two pounds of muscle in June. However, my coach isn’t worried at all because my performance at the gym is improving steadily. I was under the impression that in order to gain strength you had to put on muscle and this is not true. I can gain strength by increasing the contractile ability of the muscle I already have! This was a huge relief.

My CrossFit training for July was very heavy on weight training. I was a back squatting fool! Due to an achilles injury that I got back in late May that wasn’t healing, we dropped all walking or anything that “loaded” my achilles. Instead, I swam like fish and rowed the erg for my cardio outside of CrossFit. There were no two-a -day workouts during July except for Saturdays where I would do CrossFit and later in the day swim. I did, however, not take a rest day and worked out an hour (at least) everyday for almost 3 weeks.

So here's a list of my accomplishments in July:
1. Down 13 more lbs and hit my 65lb, 70lb and 75lb lost milestones!!
2. Down 16.75 inches in a month.. from all over but big loss in legs! (Lost 14.5 inches in June.)
3. PR’d my 1600m row and improved my time by 1:18!!! Not too shabby!
4. I’m able to swing a pood KB in multiple sets of 20 swings when I couldn’t do one unbroken set of 20 in June...
5. I’m able to do 20 unbroken push-ups (from knees)
6. I’m able to do 20 unbroken ring-rows
7. Was able to get below parallel in my Front Squat!
8. Learned to push-jerk and split jerk (have I said how much I looooove weight lifting???!!!!)
9. Established my 1 rep max for my Back Squat of 135lbs near the end of June and then by the end of July beat that PR by 30lbs!!!! 165 pounds!!! I could Back Squat a lot of y’all!
10. But the biggest celebration happened on July 20th when I MET MY ZIPLINE GOAL!!!! That was a great day...

My goals for July
1. Continue getting 450 fitness minutes a week - ACHIEVED
2. 20 push-ups in 1 minute (PR 15) - Still working on it
3. 30 sit-ups in 1 minute (PR 25) - Still working on it
4. 40 squats in 1 minute (PR 27) - Still working on it, PR 30
5. Row a sub 2 minute 500 meters (PR 2:05) - Still working on it
6. 60 second plank (PR 40 sec) - ACHIEVED
7. Continue following Paleo and logging food... - ACHIEVED

My goals for August are simply to continue to workout as I have been, eat as I have been. Lose poundage and build strength up until I leave for my vacation to Africa (August 16th) and while in Africa to soak in the experience as much as I can - as this is a once in a lifetime gig for me.

143 days and 51lbs til ONEderland (1/1/14)
I got this!
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