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Happiness Experiment - Day 19 (of 21)

Friday, August 09, 2013


1. I am thankful for great friends, Rebekah and Tiffany, who were kind enough to meet me and let me share my passion for this new business I am launching. They both took some of their own free time to sit down with me and I so appreciate that! Moms are busy and I understand the premium on our free time!

2. I'm thankful that I live right across the street from our co-op grocery store. They have this WONDERFUL deli/hot bar/salad bar and it is my go-to place for a quick, healthy, usually organic and nutritious and DELICIOUS lunch. And it usually only costs me about $4-$5. For food fresh from the local farms! Spectacular!

3. I am thankful for a lovely night with my kids tonight. We needed a peaceful night. Feeling content right now. *SIGH*


As I sat alone at the coffeehouse this afternoon, my attention was drawn to a beautiful young 20-something brunette sitting at a table out in front of the coffee shop. A thin pane of glass was all that separated us.

Typically not a fan of dogs, I honestly don't even find them cute when I see them around town. But, at her feet, was the most adorable thing I have seen in months! This tiny little puppy...don't even know what breed...he was just darling!

I had this wonderful, peaceful 5 minutes or so where I surreptitiously watched the pair. Every time a person strolled by, there was some sort of reaction to the dog. I found it fascinating that some people smiled AFTER they walked by. Some saw the dog from a distance and were already lit up with joy when they finally drew nearer to him. Others actually stopped, bent down and pet the dog for several moments, even though the owner was on her cell phone and distracted the entire time.

It was a short window of time in an otherwise lengthy day, but it was a glimpse of pure joy. And it warmed my heart.


Not much today. :(


Day 5 of the Oprah Winfrey/Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

https://chopracentermedi tation.com/home/index

Today's centering thought:

"I am a perfect, divine creation."

Building on the positive self-talk from yesterday:

"Take a closer look. Self-image is the self your ego believes you are. The ego takes it's cues from the outer world, feeding on approval and security. Often, fueling feelings of inadequacy and fear.

'What do these people think of me?'
'Do I look OK?'
'Did I say the right thing?'

The feedback we receive from our environment over the years forms the image we hold of ourselves. In this respect, self-image keeps reminding us of who we were in the specific situation, not who we ARE.

True self-esteem is based on the spiritual recognition of one's true value, which lies beyond your ego and begins with self-awareness. As we accept and honor who we are, we begin to treat ourselves as a cherished loved one with kindness, honesty, trust, compassion and love.

With increased awareness of our true self, we become conscious of how we talk to ourselves, choosing words that are enlightening, uplifting and loving. And should we falter, we forgive ourselves quickly and fully. Who you are is so much more than the image you have formed of yourself based on feedback you have received from the outside world."

Then, we were asked to make a list of 10 things we love about ourselves. It's weird to share this, but here is my honest list:

I love my sense of humor. emoticon
I love my passion for sex. emoticon
I love my empathy and compassion for others. emoticon
I love my generous spirit. emoticon
I love my heart for my children. emoticon
I love my optimistic nature. emoticon
I love my cognitive complexity. emoticon
I love my ability to put people at ease and make them feel special. emoticon
I love my desire to learn and grow spiritually. emoticon
I love my courage to go after happiness. emoticon


emoticon emoticon emoticon (did a few extra today) emoticon

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