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doc update and a thanks to readers of my blogs

Friday, August 09, 2013

soooo went to the docter yesterday, mine was out of town so i went over to our sister clinic and saw one of the docs there......HE WAS AWSOME... listen to me (i get emotional when i talk about the pain), first wuestion out of his mouth.."why did they NOT give you a cortisol shot?" he was the third docter that i had seen, my own physican, and 2 docs in the ER. he said ive been in pain 3 weeks longer than i should have so he shot me (lol sorry i had to say it), and put me on meloxican which is like aleve and advil together all souped up (1 a day), i can have goodys or tylenol or bc or bayer (ive been doing goodys, my face always looks like ive done coke in my mouth) back and body. i have to wear my backbrace as much as possible so i dont pull down and hunch over, said i would feel relief this morning..ok i guess i have some relief but i still got pain BUT i looked this shot up and it might take a full day to really start to feel better, i was also told not to depend on the heating pad, mineral ice and warming pads soooo much and i cant have any advil or aleve during the day, could make me overdose because the med he gave me is so strong..so i was in some major pain last nite and i was on baby duty and hubby didnt want to help (hes been very pissy bout all this lately), very odd about the baby cuz notmally hes the one she wants , NOT last nite she wanted her meme, top it all off her mom didnt get off till 2 in the morning and kristina decided to hang out til 11 o clock , the stinker...lol but we had a storm last nite BIG BA DA BOOMS!!! she never woke up, but its like she knew when her mommy got home because she started crying for a bobble (bottle), i guess in retrospect the appt went well i think i was expecting more than i got i just need to slow down and let the medicine work...ON A BRIGHT NOTE, somehow ive lost a crap load of weight, last time i weighed i was 170 and yesterday it was 164 and i made them weigh me again and THEN i did it at home lol and then i went to the gym (which the dioc told me NOT tpo do but i did anyways, and i think thats why im still hurting) and the scale there said the same thing..go figure..something good in all this lol
i just want to thank everyone who reads these post, i mostly write to just get it out n hopes someone will share with me but its awsome when people to read and give me feedback..good or bad i dont mind, but thanks emoticon emoticon
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