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I had fallen,, and I couldnt get up !!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Mid day yesterday, my GD had left for work, so her , Karen Ann came over. She's NOT AT ALL good in a moment of needing her. She mostly sat here,,,and fell asleep. She did though wake up when I needed to move around.

I am TRYING to be indepence and do things for MYSELF so that my precious GD can go back home. She has a WEDDING to prepare for,,, she does NOT need to be stuck at her Grandma's. (Hmmmm how will I make it thru the next surgeries,, without her? Somehow SOMETHING HAS to work out !) Its sooo exciting talkin to her about this MOST Important occasion. I have my dress ready to be put on !! It's a very gorgeous dress,, purlple with a barely strap which has gems on it and many layers to it. Goes down just past my knees. Of course for the sand,,, I NEED to wear my sneakers,,, or if not of it,,, my surgical shoe.

So anyhows,,, Karen was here. I went to go into the ladies,,,, and to do that,,,I was doing the chair,,, carrying the walker at the same time,,,quite a talented move !! So I went to stand up from the chair,,,, to grab the walker,,,,,and MISSED !!!

DOWN I WENT and HARD onto my behindey,,, that HURT !!! Karen couldn't help me,,,, as I had SLOWLY Dropped down,,, she couldn't think to grab me,,,and pull me back up at the start of it. I had use of my right foot,, left one I can't do any weight on. So as I sat there,,,, knowing FULLY WELL,,,, I could NOT do my usal way of getting up,,, which is to tuck the surg foot under myself,,, than PUSH on my hands,,, and grab something with left hand and PULL myself up. There was no way to do this. SIGH !!

So Karen pulled the emergency cord which rings all thru the 2nd floor,, and unlocks ur door. In came some neighbors, but NOT the strong ones,,, they must of been at work,,, or just didn't care to respond as we are "supposed" to. I had done this for another neighbor in the building next door,, to come and find out,,, she was having a heart attack !!!! With FAST response to her,,, she was ok. THANKFULLY !!

So what were we to DO?????? A maintaince man came in, but he wasn't allowed to help me,,,, insurance ,,, ughers !! So he was nice and called 911,,, they responded and after making sure I didn't break a leg bone,, or hips (THANKFULLY NOT !! The reclasp WORKS ! for I have a high grade of otheoporsis) they PICKED ME UPPED like I was a RAG DOLL !!!! It was sooo EASY For them. I am SO GRATEFUL they responded. They said that's whats they are for.

I did hurt my arm,,,but I of course did NOT tell them !!! They would of INSISTED I of gone into hosp for an XRay. I know it's still hurting, but there's NO bruise, so therefor it's FINE !! Prob did something to a muscle. SIGH !! Like I needed this!!

Here's why I am putting this on SPARKS,,,, when I first found SPARKS,,,, I was quite obeste,,, I am "still obeste" but, NOT by much. Had they of responded to such a thing,, and I had still been 288lbs,, come to where I am now,,, I think around 215 ,,I can't weigh in this week or next unless there's a Dr scale in the building. There is next door, but I do not feel well enough to go out,,,,, I have the power chair,,,,so I COULD go out if really needed. I DO NOT !!! I am way to ill from all of the surg. Leg hurts like it's been cut open and more and move,,, and also as the nerves die,,,,, that HURTS LIKE MAD !!!

So it was EASY For them both to pick me up !!! WOOHOOOOO !! I did tell them I had lost 70lbs "so Far" and hope to lose another 50lbs !!!

Once I got into bed,, I started to giggle,,,, Karen asked "Whats so funny"?

I responded "I've Fallen and I can't get up" like it was with Urkel ,,,, that just cracked me up !!!

OH yeah,,, I hardly use the walker now,,, it's to undependable for me,,,,, and mostly use the chair now. So yeah,, GD SHOULD be able to go home.

AND Izzy is LOVING UP Sarah,, and staying with HER at night,, and DAY when she's here,,, and other wise ON HER BED !! HAHAHAHA Izzy's gonna be REPLACED so I "informed her of".

Plz excuse the spellin errors,,, in order to get thu the pain,, my meds are added to. So if this is out of order,, rambling,, NOT making REAL Sense,,,I DO apologize !

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What an amazing attitude you have! You are so inspiring! I am temporarily challenged by a swollen knee (accounting for my limited 5% challenge participation) and I needed an attitude adjustment. Thanks for sharing.

    BRAVO!! for the weight you have lost! So glad everything turned out okay and that you got the help you needed. Keep up the good work and your inspirational, wonderful sense of humor through everything.

    1656 days ago
    Thank God you're OK. Always best to call 911. They are trained to move people and can do so without causing any harm to you! Sounds like good building to be living in!
    1657 days ago
    So happy you are ok after the fall and that you even got to celebrate your weight loss! You are one in a million and we would all hate to lose you! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    1657 days ago
    Glad you are doing ok and not hurt.
    Please take care, and get to feeling better soon.
    1657 days ago
    emoticon Glad you are ok!

    1657 days ago
    glad you didn't really hurt yourself. emoticon emoticon
    1658 days ago
    glad it all turned out well, you might need to make sure your cell phone is in your pocket when you move around, don't want to be stuck out of reach.

    glad you didn't have a humour by-pass!
    1658 days ago
  • STR458
    emoticon what a day!
    1658 days ago
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