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Jumbled Mess, Add Cupcakes and Car Washes

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Whew! I can't believe it has been so long since my last blog! Time flies when things get crazy.

Frankly I don't know how I have been doing food wise since I stopped tracking almost a week ago. I can say, though, that since my last blog that binge monster has completely disappeared. There was actually a day last weekend where I was so stressed at work that I ended up eating over 2000 calories by the end of the day - but the very next day (my first day off) I hardly ate anything because I was full until about 6pm in the afternoon. Since then, though, it is hard to keep track because things have been so crazy jumbled. I hope I'm staying on track. During the work week I make the same food choices that I usually make when I'm counting, but since I haven't been keeping strict attention to it I'm sure I've been fludging by about a few hundred calories. At the very least I hope I am in maintenance range and when things cool down I can but more focus there. I hope didn't lose all the progress I made last week!!!

So yes. Things are crazy. Work is crazy! I've stepped up and been doing a lot of extra work for a lot of reasons. For one, there is some dissent in the company and rumors that there's going to be a split or layoffs or a lot of people leaving or something. This has caused a proverbial earthquake and a lot of positions are opening and shifting and everything. One of the higher ups actually made a passing mention to me about a supervisor position, and I've noticed that a lot of my superiors have been relying on me to do higher grade stuff. Actually, the past two nights I have been "in command" of the monitoring center while the supervisor has been out in meetings or at lunch, and that's been a huge ball of stress and pressure considering I'm very suddenly responsible for EVERYTHING going on in my department rather than just my work quota for the day. Haha there really was no transitional phase to this so I'm still kind of reeling.

I still have a trainee like I mentioned last week, so on top of everything I also have to make sure I'm keeping up with his training and that he's on track to be finished by the end of this week, which is a lot sooner than I would like! Oh yeah, and one of my supervisor's birthday is tomorrow and somehow I've been appointed the mastermind to through a thing together with cupcake and pizza or something. Whew!

And of course there are the usual daily life things like making sure bills are paid, food is available, blah blah blah. I there's some sap on the hood of my car and I really, really need to take the time to get the whole interior and exterior detailed and waxed, not to mention the tires rotated and the oil changed. Blah blah blah. Who knows what else? It is so hard keeping track these days!

Thankfully my next day off is Sunday and I have zero plans. Hopefully I can just sit and do nothing and get everything in my head straight. And get back on track food wise. I really need to do that! Haha obviously I'm afraid of getting anywhere near the scale.

So yeah. Fun times. Hopefully I can get through everything and all these rumors at work aren't indicative or anything catastrophic happening. I don't even want to think that there is a chance of me losing my job or anything. Eek! I'm not going to go there. Otherwise I really don't have anything to report... oh yeah! Haha I did get my hair done on Tuesday because my old hairstylist was in town from Portland. I got the same short cut but now my hair is like fire engine red with blond highlights in the front. Haha it's more intense than what my stylist was describing but I like it! Haha it reminds me of my favorite pokemon, Vulpix, or Mara Jade from Star Wars so I am both satisfied and a huge nerd.

Whew. Well I should probably put some time into looking into cupcakes and car washes before I head into work. Lunch will be about 500 calories of Panda Express, and dinner (if I get one) will be a 340 spinach salad and maybe a 90 calorie Greek yogurt. That leaves me at about 360 calories should I choose to eat anything after work or if I need a snack at some point. I think that's pretty good! Hopefully I can stick to the plan, haha. If I'm lucky I will be too busy but not quite stressed out enough to deviate from that plan. Honestly the only way I would deviate from it is if I get another late lunch (like 9:30pm), and in that case I will get a 735 calorie hook up at chipotle rather than salad and yogurt, and that will put me just under 1200 for the day, and most likely eating that much so late will mean I won't even want to look at food for the rest of the day. I'm okay with either. There, I made a back-up plan! I feel so productive.

Seriously, though! Cupcakes and car washes. I hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to the start of a great weekend tomorrow!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, Sis. You've really got a full plate on your hands. I can't blame you for not tracking, but you're pretty good about guessing so I'm sure you've done little if any damage to your efforts.

    I meant to call you the other day just to talk, but both of our schedules are so wacky that I never know what time is a good time. I miss my sister. Oh! I almost forgot. Andy's mom, Robin, wants to add you on Facebook to keep up with you. She really likes you, and asks how you're doing all the time.

    I love you!
    1473 days ago
    Summer is supposed to be lazy vacay time! Why do things have to be so nutzo this summer? SRSLY?

    I agree with Siren.. extra responsibility sounds like.. JOB STABILITY! lol. Keep us posted on how things with the job go, though. Even though it sounds like it can be super stressful sometimes, it sounds like a good gig anyway.

    Is it already time for a tire rotation? The car doesn't seem old enough for one yet! An oil change.. maybe, if you've been doing a lot of driving, but tires? :O

    Anyway, I need to hook up with you sometime soonish and hang out. We did so good with calories while you were visiting!!! lol!

    This next weekend, TBR is visiting again and bringing up that sword. It's still not finished, so we're going to try to knock that out. After that, I only have 1 week to finish everyone's armor. The following weekend is AnimeFEST! Maybe you should pop by for that one! It's downton, though, so that really sucks.
    1473 days ago
    Okay, first off, your hair sounds awesome and I want to see pictures!

    Secondly, wow, your work really does sound crazy right now. But it doesn't sound like you need to worry about losing your job. All the extra responsibility they're piling on you can only be a good sign of bigger and better things to come. From all I've read about your job, it seems like they really like you there, as well they should! I just hope they also appreciate all the hard work that you put in!

    Also, even though you've stopped officially tracking for a week, it sounds like you're still pretty aware of the calories you've eaten, so you probably haven't been too bad. And you always have a plan when it comes to food, and I love the fact that you have a backup plan too! :)

    Good luck with the cupcakes and the car washes! Oh, and thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog today!

    Hope today isn't super crazy for you, and that you make it until Sunday with your sanity intact!
    1474 days ago
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