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Thursday, August 08, 2013

STILL not losing weight and totally READY for a BIG change. Scared to try the new tack but I know that is a stupid way to feel and that it can only get better by doing it. I have been on Medifast for over a year eating only one meal a day besides 5 and sometimes 6 of their replacement meals with NO real exercise. This week I have to put alot of planning in and make new trackers and totally prepare. Add in grapefruit the first week along with walking the campus NIGHTLY from 7pm until time to get off when work is caught up, crunches, and free weights.

Aside from starting the new routine on my birthday, I am also going to get my hair relayered. Finally. I will be tracking my food again, including the Medifast stuff, and if I find it isn't working, I can always go back. It just sucks that I can't sleep over the freaking out. Written Sunday night. Ended up going to bed at 3am, moving to the couch at 10am, and sleeping til time to leave for work. Staff meetings 2pm til 5pm with a couple of 911s and working on a ton of piddling tasks that still require feedback from others such as still being unable to register for auto pay for the new electric company. And then TOM came after only 3 weeks when it took 6 last time. Still no weight loss but Peggy is excited about walking with me around campus again starting next week.

I'm always the first to check out if something is cheaper on eBay but who woulda expected them to have Medifast?!? Still not sure if my health coach site accepted my cancellation cuz it is just as goofy as the electric site. She hasn't emailed back to make me feel guilty yet but if I can save $45 a month, ain't nobody changing my mind. Crazy. Good thing I showed Ron the pix of curtains I wanted for the living room cuz he pointed out the flaw in the one I liked best. The other one comes with discounts from about 3 different ways cuz I get points for buying Sears gift cards from my points, 6 percent off from getting to their site through ebates, and shop your way discount too. Without all those discounts, it would have been almost the same price.

Ron had gotten into his mind that we needed to get a new cushy chair for the cabin and of course the place we got the cabin furniture at wanted about five hundred just for a chair. We got a chair and second couch and both actually fit and fit the decor for a hundred and ten from the storage lot sale. They are in great condition, both very comfortable, and even smell good. And I got another horse picture in a rustic frame. I tried to ride the bike but everything was uphill from turning left instead of right at the cabin and I could only manage about two feet before having to walk it. I will try going the other way next time.

I was happy last nite. This is Wednesday, and all I am is grouchy and annoyed today. I was excited to get my haircut today. Surely there would be a difference THIS TIME since I was getting it relayered. I have been waiting ages to cut it so that I could see a difference. The only difference I see, after telling her over and over that I wanted it to look like I had it cut is that I lost the cute flip it was starting to do on the ends. And I had to whip out my OWN scissors to fix both sides. And I am awful. And my work was better than hers. I guess I'll try again in another six months. Elsewhere. Last night dollar tree cancelled my order for the coffee syrup because they were out but when I got home they let me back order it and this time they are allowing it to be shipped to the store so I ordered 3 cases without the ten dollar shipping fee. For EACH case. Which would almost double the price but still be cheaper than walmart. No tax either. Cool. So there's that. I hate having the mentality of the kids at work where I'm only focusing on the negative but there has been so MUCH of it! The three year old washer is now leaking and a round wire thing came out of it. The band is going o Disney and universal studios for spring break and I just found I'm 300 dollars behind in the funding. Its about 650 but its going to be seven days and Coda would never get that chance again.

I had to measure him last night in preparation for new school clothes since he has lost weight too and he is four inches BIGGER than me in the waist now! Why can't I just focus on THAT?!? I did finally lose a pound last night. I guess I jinxed myself by saying I was back to losing a half pound every time I weighed cuz that is when I stopped. Now I average a half pound a WEEK. Sorta like the superstition that we should NEVER say the 'Q' word...meaning work. I heard it from three different day staff last Friday after a pretty good week and before we were even out of report good, all heck broke loose. We are getting a one percent raise in September and two percent next September so really there is alot of positive I could be focused on. I really am trying. I just sometimes have to write out all my gripes before I can let them go. I don't know why that is. Maybe cuz once you write it once, it looks really goofy to keep harping after that. So let's end it with a recap of the positive.

This was posted on Facebook and I SWEAR that is a doily crochet thingy my mother made under the Tupperware.

1. I found out about Medifast on eBay from finally joining the Medifast team on Spark People. Will save 45 or more a month.
2. At the bottom of my post, I had a signature with a link to my gratitude journal. So long since I actually utilized Spark I don't know how to take it off. Uh...probably cuz its time to utilize THAT too! God knows....
3. One percent raise plus two percent raise
4. Supposedly they are going to give free school lunches to EVERYONE this year. Another 50 a month saved.
5. FINALLY set up for my 0 calories 0 carb, 0 everything coffee syrup for just a dollar a bottle that is bigger than the bottle at walmart that costs 3.50. That's probably three hundred a year saved
6. Lost a pound
7. 4 inches smaller than Dakota in the waist
8. Zack is getting lots of hours in his two jobs and finally paying off his student loans after which he plans to pay me off.
9. Dakota gets to go on an awesome vacation I would never be able to afford.
10. New couch, chair, and picture for the cabin are comfortable and much needed...and cheap.
11. Hey!!! I'm off Monday for my birthday! Sadly, I will be stuck with ALL FORTY girls tomorrow and Friday but they aren't really acting out tonight...maybe they will see it in their hearts to take it easy on me.
12. Get to start exercising and eating more because of exercising starting Monday.
13. I bought a Remington epilator with my free bonus points since the one by Emjoi didn't seem to be doing the trick and the Remington doesn't hurt AT ALL. The Emjoi hurts even when it isn't doing anything.

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