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Fear of Change

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I've been a little off my game lately, succumbing to temptations that usually don't faze me and dragging my feet on work outs. After a few days of soul searching, I think I figured out what's interrupted my regularly scheduled programming (and mindset):

Change. And fear thereof.

The end of this month is bringing with it some huge changes. My current job ends and I'm moving. My fitness studio is closing -- not that I'd have been able to go to it any way what with moving 50 miles South. I have two months off which is great but will bring financial challenges. Then I start a new job in October.

I have a lot of reasons to be excited and lots of reasons to be nervous. To put it bluntly, I have a fear of the unknown. It brings on anxiety.

The best response to my anxiety is to double down on my healthy life style. Work out more, eat even better, get tons of sleep and water, make time for quiet reflection.

However, my instinct is to do the opposite. I reach for food, alcohol and caffeine.

I'm really glad that I figured out what was stoking my anxiety. Now that I know what the problem is, I can focus on fixing it. Step one is ignoring those unhelpful impulses honed from years of self-medicating in the face of anxiety. Step 2 is taking affirmative action to quiet the nerves. I can do this. I will do this. I will make this move without letting it take me far off track. I will master my new life.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CAROL_31649731
    Really enjoying your blogs (adding you to my daily list of blogs to follow!!!). Thanks for sharing your insight with us! emoticon emoticon
    1436 days ago
    Naming the fear is half the battle...can you name some blessings that are coming your way because of your move and new job? I am rooting for you! emoticon
    1444 days ago
    Great blog! Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our "mental game" as well!
    1444 days ago
  • AMBER281
    Great progress!! I think you are doing amazing just continue to take it one step at a time.
    1445 days ago
    great progress. you are on the right path! emoticon You can do this. emoticon
    1445 days ago
    I know this has all been building up for you Olivia because of the blogging you have done recently. It is a scientific fact that too many changes in one's life in a given period of time leads to increased stress, anxiety, and even depression! There is actually a written diagnostic test that doctors can use to diagnoses stress related disorders.

    I WOULD LOVE TO HEARE ABOUT YOUR NEW JOB AND THE NEW PLACE YOU ARE MOVING TO. Focusing on the exciting new positive aspects might help you fight your anxieties. emoticon
    1447 days ago
    You are so fantastic - I know you can do this. You know your focus and how to handle this. I believe in you. You can do this.
    1447 days ago
    Yes, you can control what you eat and your exercise... and that is at least one thing you CAN control in this crazy part of your life. Being off work until October will be an adventure... and a challenge. You will need some of that time to get settled in your new place, and some of it to mourn the changes. Yes, I really mean mourn. Even fabulous changes mean leaving some things behind that you will really miss. It is good to recognize this. And hopefully, it will leave you some time to explore - take long walks in your new area and get to know it. Find some new workout or walking buddies.

    And we will be here, just a few clicks away when you need us!

    1447 days ago
    Fear of the unknown is legitimate, embrace it and go live your new life fully!
    1447 days ago
    Even GOOD changes can be stressful. Allow yourself some slack; bad habits aren't changed overnight. But recognizing the problem will go a long way to solving it!

    1448 days ago
    We have all been there and know what you are going through. New things in life can be hard and can cause stress and anxiety without us even knowing they are. I know how you are feeling and I'm so scared of change that I have been too afraid to start applying for new jobs even though I'm not currently happy in my current one and want to move to pursue my career. I'm proud of you for recognizing what is going on though and trying to change it. Great Work! :)
    1448 days ago
    Emotional/stress eating at it's finest. You are not alone, I've been there, too. You will get through it. Just think: you will feel better without the extra calories going in, which will be one less thing to stress about! It is wonderful that you've identified the trigger this time to your eating. Now to change the reaction! Or lessen the change that is causing the stress. Step 1: identify. Step 2: change the behaviour.
    1448 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan. You can do this!
    1448 days ago
    Sounds like you are tackling the emotional issues you need to address. Anxiety is one of my biggest hurdles, and it is all to easy to self-medicate with food. We have a right to feel our feelings! They are what makes us human!
    Good luck with all the exciting changes in your life - and you CAN do it!
    1448 days ago
    Try putting your favorite binge food, favorite alcohol and some chocolate covered espresso beans into a blender and making a temptation smoothie. If that's what your body is telling you that it wants, give it to it and see what happens!

    It probably really won't help, but it would be fun if you made a video of the whole experiment!
    1448 days ago
    You are really demonstrating some fantastic insight. I myself have had terrible anxiety problems and I've found that once I figure out what is really bothering me, it becomes so much easier to work through it. Using exercise to control anxiety is a fantastic and wildly healthy approach.

    Best of luck getting things under control! Recognizing what is going on in your head is such an important step and I'm glad you have got a handle on it.

    1448 days ago
    Awesome post. Go you for figuring out the source of your anxiety!
    1448 days ago
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