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On to Stage 6!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I have now reached Stage 6 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. The big goal of this stage is to prepare me to do a pull-up. I'm not getting there this time around - it's not that I don't have faith in myself. I'm actually 185 lbs. And I don't think I can deadlift that weight - using my entire body - so I doubt I'll be able to only use my lats and somehow lift all that.

But that doesn't mean I'm not working on it. I got an excellent garage sale find: a pull-up bar made in 1994, never even taken out of the box - and it was only $1.50. That's a great find! I was very excited, and we've hung it up in the doorway to the guest room. When I walk by (as long as I'm not too sore from a previous workout), I hang on, pack my shoulders, and pulllllll!

This is the awesome box it came in. Glad I got a picture, because it went out with the recycling. This is all I have left:

Airin took a fun picture of me on June 30th in Ann Arbor - this is before I got my hair trimmed, so it's actually longer here than it is now:

And here are a couple more. A picture of my cousin and me (she's expecting):

Avery and me at the natural history museum:

I am having a difficult time... because although Airin says I look better, and that I'm stronger, and I have muscle replacing fat, etc... I am still in the same clothes - and the pants are still tight! - that I was in when I started. My butt is lifted, my legs look better, I've chiseled out some shoulders, etc... but I'm still in the same clothes, and they don't fit any better.

Though, I must say, my butt looks better in a pair of jeans! They're size 16's though.

So it's getting harder to trust this process. I'm supposed to be speeding up my metabolism by working out, building muscle, etc.... and I know that other women who work out eat MORE than me - like 2500-3000 calories/day. I could try to eat MORE - closer to my TEE - but I'm scared I'll just get fatter. I'm aiming for around 1800-2100/day, but with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. I'm giving it a few weeks to see what happens.

At the end of Stage 5, I was going to weigh myself, do my measurements, etc. but decided not to. I knew it would just be the same. I would look the same as I did a few weeks ago at the end of stage 4. My weight probably would increase, my body fat calculator says I'm fattier (even though I know I'm more muscular), my measurements would be around the same, and my pictures would look nearly identical to those taken back in APRIL. So I decided to save myself the time, the aggravation, and the disappointment and just- say f*ck it.

I feel more confident. I feel more attractive. Airin says I am looking better - especially my butt and legs. And yet, when I look at pictures, I can't see a difference. And my measurements say similar.

So... again, f*ck it.

I am thinking I may do the Drop 2 Sizes program next. I don't think it prescribes enough food for the activity it requires, but I'll add a couple hundred healthy calories if necessary. The workouts don't look like much, but some die hard New Rules fans claim that they're a killer.


In other news, Halen is home. He was visiting his grandparents for almost 2 months this summer. His rat isn't doing well - Alphonse. Then he had an abscess on his neck which popped the other day (which is how we found out about it - why is the rat wet? Why does he smell so damn terrible????). We've had to work on draining it and cleaning. I'm also giving him ibuprofen in some yogurt with honey. It looks pretty awful, but it doesn't appear to be draining anymore at least.

But he is elderly - he is 2 years, 8 months. That's pretty old for a rat. His brother died back in February or March. So this is hitting him kind of hard. He is still eating, nesting, and cuddling. He appears to be in pretty good spirits. But I know his time is running out. I'm being up front with Halen about it: that Al is in the palliative care stage of his life, and that we are working primarily on pain management and quality of life. I no longer worry about feeding him all healthy food - if he wants yogurt and honey, or pizza, then fine. He's lived a very long life - if he doesn't want zucchini, who am I to argue?

Well... time to get dressed and head to the gym. Then it's back home for work, work and work.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations on your butt lifting and your thighs chiseling and all that good stuff. Your hubby noticed and that's important. Sorry you haven't seen all the results you wanted to though. You're sticking with it, and that's important. Think about how much healthier your bones are with all that weight bearing exercise. It's good for you.

    And sorry about the rat. It's tough for kids to lose a pet, but it sounds like you are doing everything you can to make his last days comfortable.
    1529 days ago
    I haven't been to the Natural History museum in ages. Totally gonna make a trip over there soon.
    1530 days ago
    I think you look great, AND you look happy. The box for your pull-up bar rules!! I remember those... and that hair, haha!!
    1531 days ago
  • MELIS_24
    1) Great find at the garage sale and great job hanging from it time to time. One of these times it's going to happen.

    2) I love the pictures. You look beautiful!

    3) Are you just doing weight training or you also doing cardio? If your just weight training I suggest adding some cardio a few times a week. Some people may be able to lose weight just doing weights but you need to find out what's going to work for you. Do some new and different things along with the weights.

    4) Take a look at what your eating. You may not be eating enough. Mix it up - how many calories your eating a day and what your eating. Find some new recipes.

    5) This can be a long journey while you figure out what works for you. Your doing a wonderful job getting healthy. Try to have fun while you'll trying new things.

    6) Sorry about the rattie. I used to have pet rats so I know how hard it can be that they have such short life spans. This is why I stopped getting them. Great job explaining things to Halen.

    1531 days ago
    I agree, you look amazing in that dress!!
    I feel if others are seeing the difference truly, then that's all that matters, especially someone who sees you all the time. Its not about he scale or measurements, its all about how you look & FEEL. You said your more confident & that's amazing. keep it up girl, you look fierce!
    1531 days ago
    Guurrll, look at that body! You look fabulous in your lbd!

    I hear ya though on measurements and pictures and weighing. It seems I just keep staying the same. *woomp woomp*

    I'm feeling the slightest inspiration to put up my husband's p90x pull up bar and start hanging from it. Just wait, we'll be rockin' that 1994 leotard in no time!
    1531 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/7/2013 10:59:22 AM
    Oh, and I found a bar like that in a free pile after a yard sale recently (didn't even know what it was) and gave it to my dd for her new house and they have both been using it!
    1532 days ago
    Hope Al hangs in there. It's hard when pets are aging and elderly.

    Ok, gotta say this. I think you look GREAT in that picture Airin took of you in Ann Arbor. Just my humble opinion. emoticon

    LOVE the picture of the box that the pull up bar came in! OMG all that's missing is the head band ala Jane Fonda!

    Keep a goin'. You're looking good. REALLY! Screw the measurements and the scale. Butt lifted -- awesome! Chiseled shoulders -- awesome! Toned arms and legs -- awesome!
    1532 days ago
    Well, see- your arguing with the rat days are over- that's a relief.

    We are so similar in our journeys, Michelle.
    My wt holds fairly steady for long periods no matter what I do-
    eat less, eat more, more cardio, more ST, yoga, diet pills, blah,blah,blah

    Remember I had to back down on my st a bit when my hip (and bladder) issues reasserted themselves a few months ago. I have slowly ramped up again and am trying to focus on st again.

    I lost 6-7 lbs in May/June when I started fasting 16-20 hours (on Green Tea and coffee) 2 days a week, keeping my cals as low as poss on those 2 days (cannot manage the recommended 500 but shoot for 1000)
    On my non-fasting days I am struggling to eat 2000 calories.
    I regained 2-3 lbs on my vacation (no fasting) but lost that in the last 2 weeks.
    I'm sticking with this (the 5:2 Fast- great team, btw) for the rest of the year to get a long term perspective.
    If I can lose 2 lbs a month I'd be happy with that.
    Did you see my msg from the universe blog a few days ago?
    It struck a chord with me.

    Did the grandparents screw Halen up much this summer?
    You look wonderful in that little black dress, btw, and I am still loving that hair.

    1532 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/7/2013 9:12:54 AM
  • VALHOP14
    Wow, you look amazing, I can totally see that your arms are toned girl!!! emoticon
    1532 days ago
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