Meet my new gym/ the No-Excuses for sunny days

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

In an attempt to not pay a gym membership, to be time efficient and benefit of outdoors activity, I found a good spot for doing my gym on warm/sunny days.
I ride my bike 10 min away from the office, and get a huge place in the woods ..just for me! It is surrounded with dense bush and surrounded half side with a trail (I can see people but they can't see me !)
There is plenty of space to jump, a log to do push-ups, trees for my TRX and elastic band!
What more ??!!

Mosquitos, a wandering dog...plenty of airplanes (international airport nearby)...but that's OK.

Do you see my bike, the elastic band, the jump rope, the 10kg stone, the old log?

The view I have on the wheat field = gym entrance (no member card needed!)

Here is mid-way ride to my gym : you can see the industries area where I come from (5 min away)_looking East.

This is where I am heading to: the woods in the background _looking West.

Inbetween?? look North and you'll see the vineyard in the background and the location of my standard gym (in next post).
Behind the big mountains in the background = my home (1hr drive to the office)

Do you recognize the place ??

(clue: I am located outside of EU, looking towards another country within EU and close to an international airport)
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