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DH's sisters last day

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Yep, they leave tomorrow. So we will eat out again today. I will be so ready to stop eating out and go back to eating normal. I have been so very lucky with eating out and not having any flair ups. My health seems to be holding out nicely. I am feeling good. So good that my DH and I are considering going to Seattle for dear friends of ours son's wedding and to see Tommy Jr. and his new girlfriend again. Then we will go from Seattle to Pennsylvania to visit the grandkids. My DH will stay there for two months but that is too long for me. I will come home earlier to be with my kitty girl who will most likely be lonely without her brother Lancelot.

And aren't family dynamics interesting. The sisters have issues with their FIL. He is very self centered and always has been. I can handle him and he and I have a great relationship and he appreciates all that I do for him. But funny to watch how much he bothers his daughters when he brags and things. Both sisters have thanked me so much for looking after him and having him live down here in Mexico. They both say they could not handle him around them much. They don't even like calling him much anymore. I guess since he isn't my Dad I can put up with things easier. I was very lucky to have a loving caring Dad who always put his arms around me and told me how proud he was of me and that he loved me. Their Dad doesn't really show that kind of emotion and doesn't seem to express love to them. I know that is hard for some men. But then I think about my relationship with my own Mother and even though we tell each other we love each other daily in email or when we talk on the phone, our relationship is strained. We have our issues. So yes, family dynamics are interesting. I bet many of you have interesting family dynamics as well. But that is just part of life. I am just glad that I have the patience to deal with their father for them.

I do hope all of you have a wonderful day.
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    my father passed quite awhile ago, he used to tell jokes and puns all the time (a lot of them were groaners), I miss that now and he was so smart, he could talk about any subject.
    1661 days ago
    You are such a lovely person Sallie and looking
    after your FIL is very generous of you. Glad to hear
    you had a loving dad. Mine loved me but I never
    really got much attention because my stepmother
    was jealous of me... Yes, family dynamics, we all
    have something to say a bout this.
    I am so happy for your good health. I agree it will be
    good to get back to eating normally at home. Go to
    Seattle and PA. You have shown that you know what
    it takes to stay healthy, I wish you continued good
    health. emoticon
    1662 days ago
    my father left when I was a teenager my mother spends all her time and love on my other brothers and sisters who don't work and I try to stay away for that reasons I wish I had a loving family like most people
    1662 days ago
    I hope you are still feeling well enough to make the trip.
    1662 days ago
    Family dynamics are interesting all right! LOL Good luck and glad your health is doing so well! You DESERVE that break!
    1662 days ago
    I think it's a safe bet to say that all of us - or the vast, vast majority - have family issues of various kinds and "flavors," Sallie, and I thank you for being so open about yours. It's a reminder that we are all dealing, in some with, with interpersonal stresses and strains with various family members. I'm going to give you a big pat on the back here...because it sounds like despite those inevitable storms and struggles, you have still maintained a relationship with these difficult folks - and that's despite having had a very difficult year with respect to your health.

    With age, I've come to see distinctive patterns among my own extended family members, and although there are people I avoid completely (they're way too toxic), I can see why they are the way they are...and just let my former resentments go. You've probably helped us all pause and reflect on our own circumstances with your caring, candid post here - thank you.
    1662 days ago
    We all have to muddle through strained family relationships. I was fortunate to be raised by both a loving and caring mother and father My sister and I were the center of their lives while we were growing up and then they did their thing once we were on our own. Hubby's experience was entirely different. I think this is what makes him so willing to go with me and try new things as he never did in his childhood.
    1662 days ago
    1662 days ago
    Family relationships are fraught with complications- especially many fathers, whos love is not as visibly apparent to so many of us.
    Glad your good health is holding up.

    1662 days ago
  • LIS193
    It is easier to take certain behaviours from people that aren't "close" family as you don't take it personally. The moment you step back and realize that the family member's actions have nothing to do with you it becomes easier.
    Your FIL is very lucky to have you looking after him so well. I am sure his DD's think you deserve medal!
    1662 days ago
    Sallie-- How kind of you to provide such care for your father-in-law. And, yes, you were lucky to have had a loving dad. Family dynamics is a very complicated issue. Basic consideration should help to remedy many hurts. --- My own early environment was painful because of a harsh, ill-tempered dad. Time passes and generation after generation should learn that family is important . . .Can't we all just get along and learn how to treat each other-- like the Waltons. (Smile)

    Happy Tuesday!
    1662 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Yes, family dynamics.... with Molly's impromtu wedding all sorts of our family dynamics erupted!

    Glad you had a good visit and your health is still going well.
    1662 days ago
    I'm glad you've been able to manage the visits well and are still healthy. You're a special lady to be able to juggle all you do.
    1662 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So glad you got through all this eating out challenge with good health! That is great you feel well enough to plan another trip!!
    You are such a sweetie caring for your father-in-law so well. Its a shame he can't get on with his daughters like he does with you. For sure families are unique in how they deal with various people.
    Enjoy your last day of visiting!
    1662 days ago
    Enjoy your last day with company, it seems like they just got there. Not to you I bet. I'm sure you will be glad to get back to your normal routine.
    1662 days ago
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