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Wiggle Your Toes Day

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wiggle Your Toes Day

When : August 6th

Wiggle Your Toes Day encourages you to give your little piggy toes some exercise.

Those ten extremities at the ends of your feet, are crying out for a little freedom. Cramped up inside a pair of shoes or sneakers all day long, your stinky toes just don't get the chance to move about freely, as they would like to do.

Celebrate Wiggle Your Toes Day by airing out your toes, and wiggling them around for all to see. The best place to wiggle your toes on a hot August day, is in the pool. Or, sit on a dock and stick your wiggly little toes in the water.

Did you Know? Not all toes are alike. Like people, toes come in all shapes and sizes. There is a small percentage of the population who have two or more toes partially joined together....web like toes!

The Origin of Wiggle Your Toes Day:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

There is not total agreement on the proper day to celebrate this very special day. The vast majority of websties record this event on August 6th. There are, however, some who suggest August 7th or the first Sunday in August. Without hearing from the creator of this day, we are going with the vast majority.

This Day in History August 6th

American Revolutionary War: The bloody Battle of Oriskany prevents American relief of the Siege of Fort Stanwix. (1777)

Sixty proof sheets of the Constitution of the United States are delivered to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (1787)

Norwich University is founded in Vermont as the first private military school in the United States. (1819)

Bolivia gains independence from Spain. (1825)

The Russian Geographical Society is founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (1845)

American Civil War: the Confederate ironclad CSS Arkansas is scuttled on the Mississippi River after suffering damage in a battle with USS Essex near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (1862)

At Auburn Prison in New York, murderer William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by electric chair. (1890)

Baseball pitching legend Cy Young pitches his first his first game, a win. (1890)

Kiowa land in Oklahoma is opened for white settlement, effectively dissolving the contiguous reservation. (1901)

The Bull Moose Party meets at the Chicago Coliseum. (1912)

World War I: First Battle of the Atlantic – two days after the United Kingdom had declared war on Germany over the German invasion of Belgium, ten German U-boats leave their base in Heligoland to attack Royal Navy warships in the North Sea. (1914)

World War I: Serbia declares war on Germany; Austria declares war on Russia. (1914)

World War I: Battle of Sari Bair – the Allies mount a diversionary attack timed to coincide with a major Allied landing of reinforcements at Suvla Bay. (1915)

Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim across the English Channel. (1926)

In New York, New York, the Warner Bros.' Vitaphone system premieres with the movie Don Juan starring John Barrymore. (1926)

Judge Joseph Force Crater steps into a taxi in New York and disappears never to be seen again. (1930)

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands becomes the first reigning queen to address a joint session of the United States Congress. (1942)

World War II: Hiroshima, Japan is devastated when the atomic bomb "Little Boy" is dropped by the United States B-29 Enola Gay. Around 70,000 people are killed instantly, and some tens of thousands die in subsequent years from burns and radiation poisoning. (1945)

After going bankrupt in 1955, the American broadcaster DuMont Television Network makes its final broadcast, a boxing match from St. Nicholas Arena in New York in the Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena series. (1956)

Cuban Revolution: Cuba nationalizes American and foreign-owned property in the nation. (1960)

Prometheus, a bristlecone pine and the world's oldest tree, is cut down. (1964)

US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into law. (1965)

Gulf War: the United Nations Security Council orders a global trade embargo against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. (1990)

Tim Berners-Lee releases files describing his idea for the World Wide Web. WWW debuts as a publicly available service on the Internet. (1991)

NASA announces that the ALH 84001 meteorite, thought to originate from Mars, contains evidence of primitive life-forms. (1996)

NASA's Curiosity rover lands on the surface of Mars. (2012)
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