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Is it really a vacation?

Monday, August 05, 2013

I don't know if this counts as a vacation... I was quite busy today. This morning I went for a hike in one of the gorges here in Ithaca NY (Treman Park) with my niece. We walked down (and I do mean DOWN), then ran part of the way back up. At one point this meant running up two long sets of steep steps. I really felt it in my hamstrings and quads!. We got back to her mom's house after running a bunch of errands (including buying me a new watch that actually works, instead of just blinking either the top OR bottom half of the numbers, but never both), and I decided to go for a walk around the block. Well, her mom lives out in the country, so the block is about 2 miles around... and quite hilly. I was walking and I got to a steep hill and told myself "you'll get to the top faster if you run up it!" So, I did, and then I just kept running until I made it around the block. It took me about 27 minutes to run it, but it was VERY hilly. So, no sooner had I come back from my run, and my niece informs me that my brother (her dad) would like our assistance with the construction project he is working on near here. We went out there and hauled lumber for about half an hour, then started measuring and cutting planks for him, then hauling the cut planks to where he was working then holding them in place overhead while he screwed them into place. We found a stopping point in time to get home, load up our kayaks and head out for a training session for this swimming event we are safety boating for on Saturday. Only about 20 boaters showed up. We were supposed to take turns going in the water and practicing what to do if a swimmer gets into trouble. We also practiced rescues in case a kayak gets flipped. The weather has been so blasted cold I skipped going in the water. I have practiced rescues before with my brother, and I watched the rescues they did tonight to reaffirm what I had learned before. I think I will do fine on Saturday. The one problem with these super busy and active days I have been putting in is finding time to eat. We didn't eat dinner until after 9pm tonight. Since I had a fairly light lunch right around noon, and was moving all day that was really too late to be eating. I was worried I would gain weight on this trip, but I might end up losing weight again. Tomorrow night we are going out to eat at 6pm, so that should be better. The restaurant we are going to requires reservations, so we should be eating at a reasonable hour. For activity tomorrow I will probably go hiking with my niece again in the morning, then go help my brother with his construction project again. I might get in another run around the block at some point.

Like I said this might not really be a vacation for me since I am staying so busy. I miss my dog... a lot! I hope he is doing fine with my parents. Knowing him he probably hasn't even noticed I am gone yet, but he will be jumping for joy when I get home. Silly dog!

It looks like the trip home will be delayed by one day, as my niece is going to NYC for the weekend, and won't be back until Monday. This matters because she is coming home with me (well, to be with her dad and the rest of this side of the family). So, Jeremy and I might go fo an early morning paddle on Monday on Keuka Lake. Plans are still up in the air.
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