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Monday, August 5, 2013 Student's First Day

Monday, August 05, 2013

Hi all,

I did everything I could to give myself a good night's sleep last night--lots of fresh air after church, lots of activity, and a walk through the pool despite cold water for about an extra hour as well. We had an extra late dinner as well. Those are all of the tricks I could come up with and I was still awake for an hour or so around 12:30 and then was wide awake at 3 AM. My therapist has told me repeatedly that when one has health issues and/or chronic pain that they need energy just to handle that--and if they have any life situations requiring extra energy, that it can be too much. I have more than a few life situations that fall into that special category--so I need to sleep enough to help me get through the day and manage the pain in my shoulder and back, and to function at my job.

Things have already started going on at work. There is a situation that is not right and I have no clue what to do about it. (I am not at liberty to discuss it here.) I have contacted the union president to discuss it--today, I will confirm times for that meeting today. On a different, maybe slightly related note, my duties have changed at the district level and they will once again allow me to do the reading assessments for all of my students. As a matter of fact, the only children who will receive reading assessments will now be my students. I am glad to be testing my own students because I have missed having that data for my own instruction, but I have no clue how we will determine which students will be mine. We have always used the reading assessments to determine which students need the most help. Who knows how that is going to work, I contacted the office downtown that is full of all new folks and couldn't get a reasonable answer that meets federal guidelines. I'll keep asking about it this week. This is the beginning of things that are bothering me. I'm also trying to find the rules and "reg"s for my new position and all I have is a page to record how I am spending my time and advice to discuss it with my principal. Enough said.

Physically, I'm about the same. My therapist told me that I can expect at least another three weeks of this pain and it should calm down. Emotionally, I have more on my plate with my family and their needs. We have some big level things taking place these days--the people with the other insurance company from our car accident and I have been at odds. They offered to pay my daughter and my husband for pain and suffering in the accident but were denying me. I couldn't even believe that as I sit on an ambulance bill that wouldn't exist if there wasn't an accident. They said my doctor said that the accident wasn't responsible for my "shoulder and hip problems." Hmm, my hip never had anything to do with this--but my shoulder and my knee were visibly hurt in that accident. I have a copy of the paperwork from my doctor and he never said anything similar to that. So, I let them know they were pushing us to get an attorney and then they offered me some money, apologizing for not making things clear the first time. I responded that I didn't care for the way we were being treated and that I was moving on and they left the conversation by offering to discuss things with colleagues and getting back to me. Grr-rr, I know when I am being played with.

Add to that a couple of other things that are involving some legal help and our ongoing car issues. There is so much going on with that. The government furlough days are hitting us immediately because my husband is a civilian employee for the army and our oldest son works for an agency that is contracted by the army. He is hurting so much that he can not afford to buy groceries these days. I would like to understand how Congress can get away with not doing their job and this dumb, bad-idea "sequester" and "furlough days," when the rest of the world would get fired for not doing their jobs.

This mess did convince my husband that it is time for him to retire at age 67. I am glad that he will finally get time to do what he wants and needs after working hard for 48 years. He is not quite comfortable with all of this yet because work and hard work is all he has ever done and known. I have had to stay out of this decision and give only unbiased comments or questions to him because I remember way back, when our youngest was about 7 (and he is now 15) that he told Micah "when you retire, you die." I realized that because that is what happened with his own father that he believed it. I do not want there to be any problems between us if anything goes badly after he retires. I know that it would be coincidence, but I don't think he would see it that way. I have been encouraging him to chase any unfulfilled dreams. This is his time to play and dream and enjoy his life.

There are at least 6 big issues in my family life right now that I am juggling along with my health concerns. It makes things very exhausting for me. I am trying to do what is best for me, but I wish life would at least try to support me in even a half-hearted way. It would help a lot to get some relief from stress. I am about to get ready for work and I will tackle what I can. Wish me luck!!

Gentle hugs,

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    Seems like there is something always causing us stress and worry. You have had such a mess of it lately. I agree that the government is really messing up our lives. I wish that they had to live under our conditions for about 3 months. No expense accounts, no one taking care of the finances, house repairs, car problems, medical bills with work furloughs and other forced days off. If they had to live on the income that 85% of us live on, there would be some changes on capital hill within a week. They would insist on it. I hope things get better at school but again we both know that the government is making all these new requirements that educators have to comply with. I hope your husband makes the right decision about retiring. He does deserve to rest and enjoy his family and do the things he hasn't had time to do. Take care and have a good day. Hope your shoulder and hip give you some rest today. Hugs Pat
    1626 days ago
    1627 days ago
    I hope things get straightened out with your job. You don't need the uncertainty and stress.

    It sounds like you need and attorney to get what you deserve regarding the accident. I find these slime balls are always trying to get out of doing the right thing.

    I think it's important for men to have a purpose once they retire and I'm sure you will help your husband find one.

    I have too much stress too but I'm working on it.
    1627 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Did I miss a blog where your family got into an accident?? I don't remember this :( That is awful to suffer more injury just when you are trying to recover :(
    Sorry to hear your work place is cranking up the same old garbage again :(( Hope the Union pres can help you out!
    One thing bad for your sleep is to eat too late before bed time. Pretty hard to sleep when your stomach is rumbling around trying to digest the meal..
    If your husband's anything like my Mom, he won't retire, he will just work harder at new pursuits or even look for a different job.
    Wishing you would get a break from all this soon..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1627 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1627 days ago
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