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Back Again - and heading for Okinawa! Eventually.

Monday, August 05, 2013

First off - I'm committing to logging in to Spark People every day, unless I'm actually on the road. This is a year of serious commitment, and there's no doubting on the last couple of years' evidence that I am more disciplined when I come around here regularly. I'm also committing to at least three blog entries a week (probably cross-posted to my blogspot blog as well), to keep me accountable to the community here.

I drifted away, rather unfortunately, just before I hit a long bout of bursitis which largely took me out of training for about six months. I'm finally back to full mobility and regular training, but now I have to not only get back to where I was, but back to peak form in the next ten months.

The reason for this is alluded to in the title. I got my confirmation on Friday - I'm going on a two week training trip to Okinawa Junish (dates not firmed up yet) of next year! This is a trip for a set of American Isshinryu practitioners to train with Soke Shimabuku, who is the head of the IWKA (Isshinryu World Karate Association). I've had three seminars with Soke Shimabuku, and he can exhaust me in 45 minutes, so I had better be at peak fitness when I hit Okinawa, or I may not survive the fortnight!

I'm very excited about getting to go on this trip. My Sensei will also be going, but I don't know who else other than Sensei Gauntner who is organizing it. There should be about a dozen of us all told.

Other general news since the last time I wrote here - the boys just started 7th and 10th grades respectively. This is our first school year on an even-year schedule, and the schools seem to be having...issues. Aaron's bus hasn't showed up at the proper bus stop yet, even though it's still listed as where he's supposed to go, and Robbie's keeps showing up at slightly random times, meaning he's missed it because it came early once, and had to stand around and wait nearly twenty minutes another time. Also, no supply lists, so we just had to take a stab in the dark for what to buy in school shopping.

In the dojo, we've lost one of our yellow belts to boy scouts and don't know if he'll be back. Another was out all summer, and is back now, but we don't know for how long. C was diagnosed with serious lung disease. (I don't know the name, because all medical information is filtered through his mom, who is hopeless with medical terms.) It's bad enough that he's probably going to end up on the transplant list - but in the meanwhile, he's actually feeling better than he had felt in a while, because with treatment his breathing has cleared up some. His parents had been attributing his wheezing to asthma, and he wasn't diagnosed until he was down to 25% lung function. He wanted to come back, so he's back for as long as he can tolerate it. Poor kid - sucks to be 14 and looking at an organ transplant if you want to live.

On the language front I'm still working on Japanese (Now with whole new levels of motivation!), and I've added German as well, due to acquiring a foster nephew who only speaks German. Fortunately he's only four, so I don't exactly need advanced conversational skills. Plus my brother and sil are both completely fluent and more than willing to help. Basti is their foster kid, and expected to be a permanent placement, so eventually he will learn English, but for now it's more important that he feel secure and as untraumatized as possible in the circumstances (he's in foster care because his father died and his mother is not mentally competent to be a custodial parent). So lots of Japanese, and a side of German on the language plate! Well worth the extra confusion to watch Basti's face light up when I say anything, even as little as "Guten Tag", in German.

And in the last, but not least category - tomorrow, barring complications, will be my first day alone at home since school let out! I'm tremendously introverted, and not having time alone in the house during the summers is a strain for me, however much I love my boys. I would have had some alone time this week, but Rob had been travelling, and took comp time when he got back - and there's really no way to tell your husband "I love you honey, but could you not stay home this week?" So Monday is going to be a day of wallowing in the silence and ability to do things without checking in with the other family members. Yay!
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  • 23KAIYA
    Lots going on for you, wow! My dojo is also traveling to Japan next year (May) so I can really understand your excitement.
    1509 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Nice to hear from you! That is very exciting news! I wasn't able to learn one language, never mind two -thats awesome if you can handle it! good luck with getting in top shape by then!
    I have been on a rollercoaster of injuries and nuisances too. For an introvert like me, constantly dealing with the public at the bridge club and home too over the phone is a challenge and I escape to my Mom's when ever I get a string of days off and enjoy the peaceful quiet of the river trails. I sometimes wonder what ever drove me to take the manager's position, which also involves public speaking, something which I am loathe to do as well :P
    Enjoy your day off from the maddening crowd!
    1509 days ago
    Best wishes!
    1509 days ago
    Wow, such a busy life! Enjoy your wallowing; it sounds like you've earned it.

    1509 days ago
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