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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Friday I hit close to 21K steps, I was just possessed. I did 90 minutes outdoor walking & came home, watered the plants, took out the trash and did some other chores and then said why not, get on that treadmill. I was watching PBS and 80 minutes flew by and all together I had 20,991 steps for the day. So in 4 active walking days I have 71,406 steps with later today to go still and I'm thinking 10K is enough for today so I can hit 81K steps since last week I made 79,796 steps total.

Anyhow on Fit Bitter's with Desk Jobs Community for new goals starting Sunday a poster suggested to increase step goals but just by like, say, 1%.

"I have a new challenge to present to everyone. A simple percent improvement week over week on the steps. Say that you had 80,000 steps last week. You improvement that by 1% the next week to 80,800. That's an average of just over 100 steps per day to hit the goal. The increase is only 1% of what you have already done. We would start on August 4th and go from there. Whose in?"

This is my post to that challenge...

I'll give it a try Tom, this will be interesting for me since I walk 5 days and still get in 70K+ steps for the week. Last week was 79,796 steps total and this week will be determined by what I can do tomorrow since I did 20K+ steps for Friday and made it to 71,406K easily in 4 active walking days. I'm going to try to get to 10K steps so I can max out at over 81K. I'd really have a goal to shoot for starting Sunday eh? Maybe, say, get to 82K but average it out over 5 days, that would be round 16,5K a day. Can kayah do that? Oh man lol...

Apparently I am trying to push my body to its limits here. Oh man to help myself out I'm thinking I need to get in about 5K steps on my rest days which I can do in about 35-45 minutes or so. So my two rest days would give me 10K-12K in extra steps I can add in so I'm not doing 16,5K for 5 days and not going up to 18-20K on a day because that is pushing things a little too hard likely when I'm doing 15-16K most active days. I'm not hurting but I do feel my feet and my lower back a little bit right now so I know 20K steps in a day is like walking round an amusement park pretty much, lol.

Okay, so this is what I am going to do here. I'm going to see where I am at after later on tonight. If I can make those 10K tomorrow I am going to rest totally Sunday except for regular steps and getting to round 5-6K so I am not so sedentary for the day, just for movement and such. So starting Monday I would need 77K for the week's 5 active days, but the other 1 non active day I would need another 5-6K just so on the active days I wouldn't have to go beyond say, 14,5K in a day. That is doable, its called pacing kayah lol.

So here's the plan, 2 rest days I'll make sure I get in at least 6K both days which is 12K so 82K-12K= 70K to get in over 5 active days. 70K divided by 5=14K steps for those 5 days. If I can manage this (and barring injury kayah knows she can do it.) the next week I will only do 4 active days and rest 3. If I think I can't meet the goal I will just do what I can without pushing myself much too far. There is no harm in knowing how far your body can go & I'll have to have my food on point for this mission and sleep has to be there right on as well. Plus I am working through the 13th before taking the 14th-18th off. My friend leaves the afternoon of the 19th Monday, so I'm back working the 19th which is fine by me.

It works out perfect since the friend is in town from the 14th-19th. I'll be over at RIO most of the time watching a pool tournament depending how far my friend's team advances through this. I have walked The Strip before and I won't be doing this in the heat of the day, it's either very early or much later like my normal walking time. I'll drag my friend along to do it with me lol. Plus I can walk inside the casinos or on the street and get in my steps that way. I think I will see how my body responds to tomorrow and the challenge of next week and then I can reevaluate how I will approach the next week.

If I can't make the challenge I won't be upset its just a goal and if I can't achieve it my body will let me know. Looking at 82K all at once the brain says nope, can't do it, lol. Since I have been getting in almost 14-15K every active day it can be done since my body is used to it. Its like no big deal now honestly. I wouldn't have set the goal that high if I didn't think it was possible to achieve. This will be dependent on getting those steps in on those 2 or even 1 active day. I just have to listen to my body's signals and obey the rules, lol. Okay, I need at least 1 day to fully rest just about so I'm thinking this Sunday is my very light day with no more than 5500 steps, then average out the rest of the days to get to 82K. If I hit over 10K tomorrow then I'm at 81K no problem but after I wake up we'll see how I feel because adjustments may be needed for the plan. We'll see how I fare later on and then set the goal, because remember its just a 1% goal and I'm going a little higher than 1%...

So a few weeks back when I decided I can do 70K steps in a week no problem I did it with no problem and I felt fine, still do. I stretched after those 21K steps let me tell you, some of that time was willpower. I would have stopped if I felt anything was wrong or getting to injury status. I feel fine again. Pushing to 20K is not what I'm going to do though. Its better to pace and average out steps for the day. On the 2 rest days 5-6K is easily done in under an hour and I'll count steps in the house since I have stairs & a treadmill for extra help. I prefer outdoor walking and every 15 minutes I do 1600-1800 steps at my peak walking since I don't have a long stride as some do. After 90 minutes on my active walking days I have round 11-13K depending on my progress. I need 14K to make it reasonably every day so I'm not stressing the body out.

Wish a girl luck, it can be done but within reason, if I don't make it that's the way it goes, the world won't end~
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