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Friday, August 02, 2013

Or so my mother says. LOL. I'm not complaining about my life, of course. Just giving an update! My eye is healed (yay!), so I'm back in the pool. Since finishing the 0 to 1650 program, I have been swimming 2000 yards (25 yards = 1 length, so 80 lengths of the pool) each time i swim which is 2-3 times a week. It takes me about an hour. 2 weeks ago an older lady (maybe 80?, i swim at a senior center!) swimming in my lane with me starting talking to me and complimenting me on my swimming, saying that if i kept this up, I would be young forever. (= Then, the other day, another lady (probably in her 50s) started a conversation with my in the locker room. I have seen her before... she always reeks of perfume, so i had a bad prejudice against her, but after talking to her i don't dislike her as much. She makes the water taste like perfume! I am sensitive to smells, they can trigger migraines and nausea in me. Anyway, she basically complimented me immensely on my swimming. She asked me if i used to swim competitively, and if i don't currently, i should now because i have incredible endurance and good speed (i'm actually pretty slow..). It's nice to have people take notice of me, and to say that i am good at something fitness related! I'm very self-conscious at the pool, being in a swimsuit and all. I guess people take notice of more than just your size. Or maybe they are impressed at my ability at my size, or just in general. I don't know. I can't wait until I can swim butterfly (my old stroke) again!

Anyway, yesterday, I broke my tooth on a piece of chocolate. No, it wasn't old and hard! My friend brought it for me from Portugal last week. This tooth had cracked 2 years ago due to old fillings from the 1980/90s, and I had to have a root canal on it. I guess teeth that had them are weaker, and susceptible to breaking. At least this forced me to find a dentist out here sooner rather than later! For now, i have a hill billy tooth. The good news is that it's my molar, so you can't tell when i smile! My boyfriend forced me to show him, and he called it gross, which made me feel bad. My appointment is next week (no pain so not an emergency i guess). I am terrified it will have to be extracted...i'm too young for that! ugh!!

My boyfriend's elbow is healing nicely, he's even swimming with me again! He's lost a lot of endurance and is frustrated by that. He has a shoulder injury from a while ago. He had it checked out and had prolotherapy and physical therapy on it, which didn't help. So, since his surgery covered his deductible, he decided to see if he needed surgery on it. The MRI came back yesterday, and he doesn't need surgery...on his shoulder. They are going to do cortisol shots to reduce the inflammation. He does, however, need surgery for an umbilical hernia (my man is falling apart!). It's scheduled for August 15. Luckily, the recovery for this is fast!

The county/4H fair is this weekend; I think we are going to go. Hopefully, I can control myself and not pig out. Pun intended. There is also a balloon festival, which I am super excited to see. The 6th is our 4 year anniversary, I can't believe it has been that long. My bf's dad is visiting starting the 8th. Not sure how that is going to go!

My garden is huge. I need to write a blog about it. Still mystery plants though!

That's about it for now. Still trying to write and not doing a very good job about it.
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    I am worried about my teeth too -- I just chipped one. Apparently the purple listerine is really supposed to help since its a fluoride rinse... I'm trying it, but I too need to bite the bullet and go get checked out (out of pocket).
    1609 days ago
    I'm doing the "Mom-thing" and cracking the whip---WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!! Those plane tickets are only valid for a year you know. If this doesn't work, I may have to lock you up in a windowless room until that paper is finished. emoticon
    1632 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    Glad to hear that your eye is better and you are back in the pool! That is a lot of laps! Good for you! Sorry to hear about the tooth but that can be fixed pretty easy. Sounds like you are going to get some good stuff out of the garden!
    1634 days ago
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