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I've been hacked!!! and other updates

Friday, August 02, 2013

Hey everyone! I miss you all so much. I have been in Drama City the past several days and I am finally up and running again. I have so many things to update you all on, the biggest thing probably being my computer being hijacked, me being scammed, and the cost of stupidity.

Over a month ago I came home to find my personal laptop blinking a message that my cable provider had suspended my internet service due to copyright infringement. I was floored. I called Cox Cable and they tell me that over the course of two weeks, they had received 18 copyright violations on my router. Supposedly someone hacked into my router and had been illegally downloading and selling movies. The agent helped me reset my entire system and added some extra security to my modem/router. I hoped that would be the end of it. Well earlier this week I come home from the gym and Derrell says our computer is acting crazy. I look at it and the computer is completely black with the exception of a Department of Homeland Security Cyber Division notice. As I begin reading the notice, my computer begins screeching at me, "We have been blocked. You must pay the $300 fine to avoid further prosecution." The notice also has a screen shot of my fiance embedded in it. It says we face further prosecution for violating Federal Law yada, yada. Long story short, because of the 18 violations we received in June when someone hacked into our system, I assumed this is legit and my a$$ is in trouble for something I didn't even do! I pay the fine and the next day I find out it is a new, advanced scam and that my computer has been overtaken by more hackers and a crazy virus. Not only did I pay the "fine" but I then had to pay $100 to have my computer debugged. I was so disappointed and angry but also thankful that I won't have to be someone's bitch in prison.

A week ago I had my bridal shower and it was SUPER FUN!! I loved every minute of it. My sisters did such an excellent job. I went with a Stepford Wives look and even baked fresh, homemade cookies right before the guests arrived. Here was my look for the day:

My wedding is now five weeks away and I have been hellbent on toning and tightening this body up. I have reduced my running greatly because I found that while I was dropping weight, my body fat percentage increased by over 5%. Over the past several weeks, I have been concentrating on building lean muscle. With that came a 10 pound weight gain!!! I went from 215 to 224.6!! I nearly passed out and it happened so fast. At the same time, I began losing some inches. The next week I was down to 220, which is where I am currently at. SO I have gained 5 pounds. I haven't changed my ticker because I believe that if I continue with my high intensity workouts and continue with the strength training that I will make my way back down sooner than later and I will be a much better looking 215 pounds. Ironically, I had my dress fitting and the seamstress is taking my dress out one inch. At first I was miffed but when I looked at the fit when I first got the dress, I had a lot more back fat hanging over the back of the dress than I do now and the dress didn't feel as comfortable as it does now. That extra inch will just allow me to dance more freely and look good all the way around.

Before I go, a quick NSV: yesterday Derrell and I went to the football stadium and spent 40 minutes doing sprints up the stadium steps and jogging the track. We immediately left that and did an hour in the gym. During that hour I got on the cord machine and worked my upper body. I must say, there is a LOT more definition in my upper body! I was shredded (under the loose skin emoticon ). AND I am now able to comfortably walk around in the short spandex shorts and tank top in public. YIPPEE!!!

So happy to be back! Have a fabulous weekend Sparklers!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my on the hacker mess!! I'm so proud of you and you look beautiful in your bridal shower attire. Wishing you many blessings on your journey these next few weeks.
    1465 days ago
  • EG8383
    hackers are evil! glad you're back online. you look so cute in your pics and best of luck with the wedding!
    1479 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    That is horrible....soooo sorry that you had to deal with that....people have no morals these days....

    Congrats on your upcoming look GREAT!!!! emoticon
    1479 days ago
    LOVE the picture! You look awesome!
    1480 days ago
    Sorry bout the scam! Happy bout the great workouts you are getting and can't wait for you to tell us about the wedding!!
    1481 days ago
    You look emoticon

    So sorry you got hacked and scammed emoticon

    1481 days ago
    Looking great! Very "Stepford wives" indeed emoticon Sorry to hear about the computer hacking emoticon Glad to "see" you.
    1481 days ago
  • CECE0330
    I've heard about that scam!!! I HATE LOSERS WHO STEAL PEOPLE'S MONEY!!!!!! Ugh. So sorry that happened to you. But on the plus side, you look marvelous in your floral dress, and are getting married in 5 weeks! Congrats!
    1482 days ago
    SO SOrry you were hacked! that is awful!

    So excited about your wedding and I can't wait to see those pictures!
    1482 days ago
    That same scam got someone at work! It took FOREVER for the computer people to get it 100% fixed.

    Not surprising that your body fat went up if you were neglecting your muscle toning. Cardio burns muscle in addition to fat; gotta work to make sure you still keep up that muscle mass.

    WOOHOO on your stadium workout!
    1482 days ago
    Be very careful with scams. This attack that you were e victim of is called phising. My Master of Sciences is gonna be in Computer Security so I know a bunch of these things. Download these programs (they are all free ofc):
    1) Spybot (you should have it activated like your anti-virus)
    2) MalwareBytes (scan your computer once per week)
    3) Anti-Rootkit (scan your computer once per week)
    4) CCleaner (cleans the computer - be careful because it deletes your "saved passwords" and the recycle bin - there are options to exclude these from the cleaning)

    Some pieces of advice:
    1) NEVER use the "save password" option.
    2) The passwords should be at least 8 characters long.
    3) Use passwords that have nothing to do with you (ie. date of birth, name etc). A good trick is to use the 1st letter of the words in a phrase and have some numbers and symbols in the password, too.
    For example, My Name Is Christine And I Study Computer Science.
    The password is: mnicaiscs (first letters).
    You can replace i with 1, the "and" word with & and the letter S with the symbol $.
    So the password is mn1c&i$cs. This is a really difficult password to break.

    I hope it will help you! And never pay fines if you are not certain that they come from the government (even if the site seems legit, contact them via an off-internet channel because a hacker may be copying the site's layout to seem exactly the same).

    PS. You look great in the photos!
    1482 days ago
    How awful! Sorry you went through that.
    1482 days ago
    A co-worker of mine had her computer do the same thing. It was THE EXACT SAME Homeland Security message. BOO I hate corrupt people.
    I'm glad you got everything squared away.
    I love running but I know I need to incorporate ST. I used to LOVE lifting weights. Infact, I know I still would. But my time is so limited at the gym I think it's more of a mental block. I don't want to only allot 20 minutes to ST. But hey 20 mins is stilll good, right?
    I know you will make a gorgeous bride. I can't wait until you post your wedding day pics.
    1482 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I can't believe you were hacked! The internet is not a safe environment. I tell my kids to be careful all the time, but stuff still happens. My son's Xbox account was hacked & since my debit card info was linked to it, they had all kinds of crazy charges on it. I couldn't even buy lunch! Keep up the good work with working out! Love the pictures! You look amazing! I can't wait to see the wedding photos! Have a great weekend!
    1482 days ago
  • CGEM61
    Wow! That is scary! My daughters computer was hacked too, what an experience.
    Looks like your back on track. Congratulations on your future wedding. Your fitness goals are paying off, you look great!
    1482 days ago
  • KDRICH24
    emoticon about the hacker! And Good Luck with the Wedding!
    1482 days ago
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