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Back At Work

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Today is my first day back at work, after my two month long break.

My coworkers in my department have treated me with their usual disdain. One even said that she was sad to see me back *insert long pause* because it meant Summer was over. Now, that's one of those moments where you can choose to hear it as an insult, chose to believe that she was joking, or recognize that she's a bitter, petty little jerk, and know that you are better than that...and view her as someone who should be pitied.

I chose the last option on that list.

Later, while walking through OTHER parts of the building, people were nice and happy to see me. Everyone loved my hair. One person yelled, "Hey, cute hair girl!" And everyone (who isn't in my department) keeps asking if I've lost weight.

Our janitor on our floor gasped when she saw me, and then whispered, "You've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?" She then demanded that whatever it is I'm "taking" I have to bring her some. I assured her I wasn't "taking" anything.

It's strange being back here, especially when I know this job won't last for very much longer. It's a shame that my coworkers never could learn to work as a team. I think this program might still be thriving today if they had treated each other with respect, and had dedicated themselves to seeing it succeed, instead of acting like self absorbed children.
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    Ok, you just gave me a severe case of the screamin' heebies... I just couldn't imagine working in an environment like that. Not so much the loads of healthy, active folks (some of those can actually be quite fun), but the idea that anyone would think that body image means anything at all while at work (well - unless you work in an athletic department or modeling)...

    I've never been one for reporting, but it does sound like a good plan for the twit you're dealing with. I would also have no problem having the entire floor listen to me explain that his obsession with my body and what shape it is in, is unhealthy and inappropriate. You might like to add the caring, personal note that he really should seek some counselling or therapy to help him learn to recognize appropriate personal boundaries.

    I'm a tech who's always worked in construction sales, so spent as much time in a hard-hat and steel toes as in a suit in an office. Nobody on a job site cares what you look like, so long as you get the job done. I can't imagine working in an environment that was different from that.

    I dunno --- this might call for tequila instead of wine...

    Sympathy, and hope that the next position is better (much, much better...)
    1537 days ago
    It would make sense if I worked mostly with women, huh?

    Unfortunately, it is not that simple. I'm a technician. So, the work force is about 50/50. In fact, one of my coworkers who is most likely to be snarky about other people's weight is a 50 year old guy in my department. He admits that once, while working on a hiring committee, he convinced the others in the group not to hire an applicant because, "fat people couldn't do that job."

    He's made a ton of snarky comments to me about my weight. I have vowed to myself that if he makes one more comment about my body, and it is overheard by a coworker, I am reporting him.

    Body image is everything where I work. I am surrounded by people who run marathons and ride bikes hundreds of miles , supposedly for fun.

    It's absurd.
    1537 days ago
    Let me guess - you work mostly with women? There is a reason I've always worked primarily with men...

    I loved being able to have a vehement argument over a work policy and then go out for a drink together because we all knew that it's work - not personal. I also loved being able to absolutely loathe someone as a person, but be able to get things done with them because we were all focused on the accomplishment and not the personalities.

    It's good that there are others in the building who see beyond the petty department stuff and are glad to see you back (and funny that you must be "taking something" to have been able to lose weight).

    Hope you've got some plans in mind for what type of job and what type of personalities are next on your list of accomplishments!
    1537 days ago
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