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August Goals

Thursday, August 01, 2013

If I can find/remember who I first saw a blog posting of this nature I will have oodles of thanks to give to them. How fun is it to be able to think up goals, work on them, stay accountable and track them all right here with the support of SparkFriends. I didn't reach ever goal I set last month but each week after checking in I knew it was top of mind. THinking up these goals helped me evaluate areas I needed help in which in turn helped create new habits that I can take with me into this coming month and the months after.

So last night as I said goodbye to July I started to list what I felt I needed to work on or what I'd like tracked.

I noticed this last month that a large amount of stress and slacking was due to being extremely tired. I comlained of it most days and it even caused migraines and lost hours at work. I still worked out and rarely missed a workout due to it but I'd miss the times I wanted to do it which took time in the evening to make up for. It made my motivation and work ethic fall along with other responsibilities falling to the side. So improving this is a biggie. In the past 3-4 nights I have gotten at least 8 hours each night and I look and feel different and have gotten so much done.

I have started a new challenge. I wrapped up TurboFire on Sunday and wanted to combine my Brazil Butt Lift, ChaLean Extreme (loaned to me by my coach) and TurboFIre (addicted to HIIT and the scult, tone, core and ab videos but don't want to wear them out). So I pulled a hybrid scheudle from Sorey Fitness. It is a bit extreme, she wants you to workout twice day which is a bit much some days on top of the fact that I run but I still filled in my calender as instructed and have followed the last three days as closely as possible. SO while I don't ahve a goal to follow the schedule exact becuase I don't think I could I still want a goal of 1000 or more fitness minutes which of course incorporates this program and running. Can't hit the minutes if I'm not doing the workouts!

Water, it's getting better. The last three days I had 8 cups. I wanted 10. I am starting with having my goal be 9 a day with the hope I can exceed and get back to the 10 that I wanted. It's between the minimum of 8 and 10 which was my goal. 9 is also three of my water bottles so it's easily trackable.

I feel like my eating has slipped so I wanted to get back into the habit of tracking my food completely at least 5 day6s a week and running the report at the end of the day that I can also sync with FitBit.

I still want to average 70,000 steps a week on my FitBit. It's getting easier and closer!

And my last area has to do with mental fitness. I have gotten back into the habit of a to-do list which is increasing my productivity. It started with joining a SparkTeam on here Organized Life which I love.

1.) Sleep-get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Plan accorddinly for this
2.) 1000 Fitness minutes
3.) Water-9 cups a day
4.) Track food at least 5 times a week
5.) 70,000 steps on my fitbit
6.) Follow todo list and calender, check in with pick 3 challenge daily to help prioritize

Update: 8/5/13
1.) I have done much better at getting roughly 8 hours of sleep with the exception of last night. It has made a world of difference
2.) 164/1000 Fitness minutes within first four days of the month. FEeling pretty proud:)
3.) Was doing great until I lost my water bottle on 8/3, will be getting another one today and trying my best with regular cups.
4.) I didn't track over the weekend and haven't today but I am tracking more than I was
5.) Close to 70,000 with 66,072 in the last 7 days.
6.) I didn't clean much after Friday evening but I've been checking my todo list everyday and checking in with Organized Life SparkTeam to pick out my top three priority goals each day.

Update 8/13/13
1.) Haven't done the best on getting the 8 hours of sleep at night but I'm working on it still
2.) 394/1000 as of last night. Not too bad:)
3.) Doing bad, still haven't bought a water bootle which seems to be my water saving grace
4.) Haven't tracked food this week but I have today. Getting back on track. I eat generally healthy but I seem to feel better when I am tracking food plus my daily calories needed changes depending on my workout and it's hard to guess where I am at without tracking and without drinking the right amount of water.
5.) I was doing AWESOME with my steps until I left it on a bra I took off at my friend Dayna's house when I was getting ready. IDdn't get it back until last night, so two days without it. I'm sure my steps were good though:)
6.) I am following a todo list much better. It makes a huge difference for me.

Update 8/28/13
1.) Not doing so hot on sleep. Some nights I get about 7 others it is more like 6.5 and I can tell the difference it makes on my overall balance of everything. That, water and todo/time management are always things I need to continuously work on.
2.) I am about 50 minutes from hitting 1000 minutes for the month. I feel like I have slacked but then I see my minutes adding up and I feel good about that. I haven't done as well with strength training for the month and I plan to improve for September. Can't let that hard work go to waste!
3.) I have lost two water bottles this month. Each time I fall of the water radar:( I bought a new one yesterday and instantly started getting more in. I feel like this and sleep have def contributed to my off balance eating this month.
4.) Not tracking my food and not happy about it. My eating and what I am eating is off so it makes it harder to track. Working on sleep and water should improve this as I was previous to this month.
5.) I am finding it easier and easier to not only hit 10,000 a day or close to but to even get as high as 15,000 as I did yesterday. My habits of getting up and doing things rather than just sitting whether it is traveling to another co-worers desk rather than calling or emails or taking the longer route to the break room, etc is really imrpoving. I used to have trouble hitting 5,000 a day which is very far from the case now.
6.) I am getting so much better with my todo list. Very proud of getting this back in my life and i feel like it's helping day to day.

Update 9/1/13

Well here it is September 1st. I'm not that proud of August. I can tell the difference in how I feel and I know it has a lot to do with eating habits, lack of water, lack of sleep and not taking proper measure to control my stress. SO here's an update of my goals:
1.) I am caught up on sleep today. I took a nap yesterday after photographing a wedding and when I got home last night I went to bed and slept in. I can tell I needed that sleep really bad because I haven't been getting enough at all. I know it changes my mood, energy and appetite.
2.) 1000 Fitness minutes=I did reach this goal. I hit 1045 as of yesterday. I was happy about my minutes but not necessarily happy that I've been slacking a bit on my strength training and the majority of my cardio is running. None the less I am proud I hit this goal!
3.) Not even close day to day. I lost two water bottles and each time my water drinking went down to about 3 or so cups a day if that. I did get another new bottle this week which has helped but I'm still not up to 8 a day most days. I can tell the difference and I think it's affecting my running too.
4.) Not only did I not track most days but I stepped back into eating some foods I had but out. Not all the time but more than I was. I did experiment with some food; I made whole wheat lasagna after watching a friend make regular lasagna. I just subbed sauce type, noodle type, cheese and added spinach. It was great and lasted me half a week. I'd like to do more of this to make meals simpler.
5.) I did decent on steps. I didn't really check my steps weekly a lot BUT I did check it each day and I don't have trouble hitting 10,000 or more most day which makes me proud.
6.) I did not check in everyday with my SparkTeam for organization but I did a lot better at using my todo list which helps. It helps from house stuff to groceries.

I notice if I don't keep up on myself and wellness then it is hard to keep up with my fitness and food. My goals for this coming month will expand into other areas and I think this will help my food habits go back to how they were. I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I know I eat better than I did but I know I could do better and I know why I have been slacking. I will bring what I have learned over to my next month:)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great goals!
    1665 days ago
    Good for you for setting attainable goals for the month. The sleep goal is especially important, at least for me. I find that when I sleep well, I'm much more likely to make healthy food choices and be more active.
    1665 days ago
    I love this idea of goal setting for the month. Right now I think I need to try it week by week to start out. LOL...

    But the sleep thing I can really understand. With it being summer and the kids wanting to stay up later and later its hard to get the hours I need which leaves me tired a lot of the time. School starts back in a few weeks maybe I can get back on track then.

    You look great girlie keep up the awesome work!!
    1665 days ago
    I'm glad monthly goal-setting is working out for you! I'd seen someone do it last year and have been setting monthly goal since then too. I think your goals are really well balanced, and are action goals, so they're actually attainable (along with KClark89's comment... get defined abs may be a long term goal, but won't get you anywhere in a month!).
    1665 days ago
    Awesome goals!! emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • KCLARK89
    Awesome goals! I love that they're attainable and not just "lose 5 pounds" or "get defined abs." They're specific and they'll for sure help achieve what you ultimately want! :)
    1665 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    Awesome goals! That workout schedule looks intense! emoticon With all this talk about fitbit, I may have to get mine fixed or order a new one! It was pretty awesome to see all your steps add up and then when you get a lifetime badge, even more awesome! emoticon

    You did so great in July that I have no doubt you'll be just as great in August. But yes, make sleep a priority! No fun or point getting your body into shape if it's fighting you because of lack of sleep!
    1665 days ago
    Those are some very good goals! Makes me feel tired just reading them, so I'm glad sleep is your number 1 priority. Good on you for the others too, I definitely need to try and be more organised with tracking food, exercise and life generally. I'm improving slowly on my exercise but not doing any where near the amount you are, I've got the minutes because I walk to work and back but not the hard core stuff that it actually going to improve my tone and fitness. Still loving my yoga though so sticking to that, and I would definitely recommend it for stress relief (I get stress and anxiety quite badly so you've got my sympathies) if you're not already doing some. Good luck with your goals and I hope this month doesn't involve so many or even any migraines or stress! emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
    I 100% agree with you. I get the little cheap ones that fit right in my purse 3/$1 so I have no excuse for falling off the to-do list option I'd been doing. That and sleep make life so much easier and makes carrying out the other tasks in life a breeze.

    Thanks for your comment:)
    1665 days ago
    oh man... you have no idea how much i need to get back to the basics of just keeping a simple to do list and write things down. Ive made such huge blunders living "out of my head" rather than writing things down. I used to have a mind like a steel trap...now its more like a butter knife. lol...

    the shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory.
    1665 days ago
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