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July Recap

Thursday, August 01, 2013

July has been a bit of a roller coaster. A lot was in flux for most of the month, but things are now getting settled and I feel I am able to get back into a more normal and sustainable rhythm. Here is a recap of how July went and how I am doing towards my goals for the year:

1) Weight - I started July at 188 lbs and managed to get up over 190 for a few days towards the end of vacation. Between the move and vacation, I was having a hard time eating well, but I figured that would fix itself when we got settled in our new home and back on a normal schedule. In the last two weeks of July, I dropped the extra weight I had put on, with a weigh in today of 180 (yesterday was 179, below 180 for the first time in months). I feel that I have some good momentum and am re-establishing good habits and can make it to the 170-175 range, which has been a long term goal. From my daily weighins, my range was 192 - 179 lbs.

2) Fitness - I have mainly been running and walking for fitness. I think that my Achilles is mostly better. I have been able to run in the 3-6 mile range. I have an occaissional twinge or heat in my ankle/Achilles and back off, stretch and have been doing better about listening to my ankle. As a result, my July mileage improved, running 67 miles, bringing my year to date to 589 miles. At this point, if I average 80 per month, I will exceed my 1,000 mile goal. Definately feasible, assuming that I get and stay healthy (first priority!)

3) Food - Glad to be eating home cooked meals again! Too much restaurant food and junk food through mid-July. I am doing better about tracking my food and staying within range too. This has been the biggest factor in getting back on track!

4) Races - I did the 4th of July 5 miler, expecting to be in the 42-43 min range. I was pleasantly surprised to break 40 min (big NSV, especially after my Achilles irritation and low mileage recovering from that). The two big kids ran in the 1 miler, both coming in about 9:30 (I don't know how accurate the course was, but that is pretty good for a 7 and 5 year old) and having a lot of fun doing it. West Point hosts a triathlon in a few weeks, I don't think I am up for it this year, but we may go out to cheer the racers on (including a few sparkfriends!). Otherwise, there is a 5 or 10k in September and one of my friends is still trying to get me to do a HM in Oct, although I probably won't do it this year.

5) Moving - We are all moved into our house and mostly unpacked. We have a nice 3BR house in one of the historic housing areas on West Point. It has a big basement room that we have turned into a kids play area where they can keep their toys and books. This leaves the living area relatively uncluttered and open, which is nice. We have a nice back yard (fenced) and a large side yard (common area), plus are a short walk from the kid's school and several parks. We are less than 1.5 miles from my office, I can get there in about 25 min walking or about 10-15 min biking. The housing is managed by a contractor and our house is scheduled for renovation in the next 2 years. We will have to move when they renovate it, but we should get a house at least as nice or nicer and the contractor pays to relocate us. Our back yard is along a main thoroughfare through West Point, so kids are always out there waving at the cadets running or marching by or the Army trucks convoying cadets too and from summer training. They have been having a blast with it!

It is nice to be back at WP, it is great to be back in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering department here. I got to teach a recertification class last week (the new instructors teach 6 of them as part of a summer instructor training program). The other instructors role play as students, givign you a realistic teaching experience. I was a little tense at first, but about half way through I let go of the tension and really started to enjoy myself again. I am looking forward to starting the semester with real students, my first teaching day is 20 Aug, just under 3 weeks away.

5 months to go in 2013, make them great!
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