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August Plan

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Food Plan: The Simple Diet as outlined in the book with specific modifications.

I will allow myself some departures from the plan. I will allow occasional treat.
Rather than the 2 meal replacements entrées per day, I will have one dinner that meets the guidelines. This would mean that the dinner would have to be under 600 calories, have 20-50 grams of protein and no more than 18 grams of fat. This will allow for me to eat at least some of the same food that I am also preparing for husband, guests, or in a restaurant.

Exercise Plan: Strength train (3X week), stretch daily, walk daily, cardio 3X week.

Personal issues: Continue to work with self to deal with emotional eating caused by people pleasing, reaction to authority figures, perfectionism.

Personality: Allow for the fact that I tend to be sensitive, private, somewhat introverted, and have a tendency to be mildly depressed. Develop techniques for self-soothing and self-energizing. Include more humor. Try to develop a positive attitude about the future.

Must avoid: peanuts, potato chips, spicy food
Must limit: other nuts, alcohol, sugar, processed grains, legumes

Environmental modifications: Remove things in environment that cause a negative reaction in me like dirt, cobwebs, dust, clutter, objects that have outlived their usefulness, objects that are reminders of past mistakes/failures, women's magazines, negative TV, negative radio, negative conversation, excessively difficult people. Include things in environment that are bright, pretty, shiny, reminding of happy times, successes, positive future plans.

Mental clarity: Focus. Stop searching for the “next best thing” and COMMIT to me, my lifestyle, my plan. Keep it simple. Have a routine. Consciously reduce number of choices. Keep a record of efforts. Wear red at work. Otherwise wear at least one item in turquoise color as a reminder to stay with my plan.

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