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Good-bye July!!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Senility is setting in?? I have these goals to accomplish before I turn 55 in just 18 daze. The weight part is right on track and the fitness even better than I had figured...the clearing of clutter????not so much!
I'm cooking quantity food for a wheat harvest crew for the next 3 or 4 weeks. So I cooked 6 lbs. of super lean burger with the onion and celery so I could use half to make goulash and save half for some other hamburger dish to be named later. Put the "save" half in a large pyrex bowl and set it on the back burner since my frig was packed with cream pies cooling. So I have to cook up some frozen vegetables as I'm about 10 minutes from loading the food to hit the road for the field. The hot stuff goes in crock pots and electric skillets or baking pans wrapped in towels and blankets. The cold stuff goes in ice chests. I throw a chunk of butter into the frozen peas and carrots and check to make sure the small crock pot they will go in is hot and ready to for the veggies and haul the big crock pot of goulash out to the trunk of the car. I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off, ticking off items in my brain...."butter and rolls and salt and pepper, pickled beets, deviled eggs, stop for more block ice and little cartons of milk..." when I hear this explosion and glass shattering. Turned on the wrong burner so 3 lbs of hamburger is now seeping into the elements and underside of my gas stove. Had to just "move on" and get the stuff packed. Didn't get back to clean up the mess until about 5 hours later. Ended up scooping as much of the glass and burger as I could into a box lined with plastic bags and then paper towels and then taking off the burner grates and the stove top and cleaning out underneath the stove on top of the oven with degreaser. I must say there was plenty of other odd assorted things, a garbanzo bean or two, a tortellini or two, some unrecognizable black chunks....and I didn't get it finished until 1:30 a.m. but my old gas stove is just sparkling clean and the garbage man took away all the evidence of my stupidity!!! Seriously, I swear my life is like a bad "I Love Lucy" episode.

No cuts on hands or feet or knees from picking up shards of glass. Got it all from under the stove and under the rolling island. It could have been so much worse....but in the end I got bonus kitchen cleaning done that I didn't even know needed to be done and wasn't planning on doing!! And the batch of goulash was gobbled up and the loss of 3 lbs. of burger mix was nothing compared to the laughing I did and the beautiful shiny stove I have...until my next "episode"!!

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