My Weight Gain Was NOT All Me!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To all,

It has been awhile since I last posted. My apologies. I had every intention of keeping up with Sparkpeople - the food logs, the exercise logs, and the blogs. But, with every step forward I made towards my goals - my body made 2 steps backwards.

And, in all honesty - I just gave up.

I threw up my hands and told the sky - I am done.

That was until July 2013 when I finally met with a doctor who listened to me, ordered the right tests, and did not start my diagnosis with eating less and exercising more.

My "marching orders" are quite hilarious right now:

1. Eat what I want - just make sure to combine protein with carb. Don't track calories too much.
2. Limit exercise - if you are tired after exercising - just stop doing it.
3. Sleep as much as possible.
4. And, the list goes on.

If you look at this list, it runs counter to what I have ever been told. However, this doctor who is licensed in modern medicine is also trained in natural and wholistic medicine. I will give you another example of the difference:

1. My blood test came back with some interesting results: borderline blood sugar issues; thyroid hormone too high; etc.
2. My regular doctor began talking about surgery for the thyroid and sent me to a cardiologist to see if I had heart problems.

The wholistic doctor - re-tested and found several things that are COMMON to women my age and of my genetic predisposition AND figured out that most of my issues centered around:

1. Thyroid was asleep.
2. Sex hormones non-existent.
3. Adrenals were failing.

What does that look like...

1. Zombie-feeling
2. Sleep when you don't need to - can't sleep when you should.
3. Tremendous weight gain
4. Weight gain when exercising
5. Brain fog
6. Memory loss
7. Depression (mild - to - severe)
8. Etc.

So, I am now embarking on this journey of TRUE HEALTH. Taking a natural dessicated thyroid medicine - taking bio-identical sex hormones - and, cortisol stimulating drops.

How do I feel - MUCH BETTER!

Everyday, I wake up refreshed. Weight is slowly coming off. I can think again. I can work again. I can sleep again!

I am blessed.
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