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Cycling commute into work.. what it is like for me..

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First off I have to say I'm very lucky to live very close to a great (long) bike trail that runs along Lake Washington. I only have to bike down about 1/2 mile on residential roads to cross the major road (use cross walk at the light) to get to the trail. THEN, my work is also, just a 1/2 mile off the trail and most of that is the drive into the complex/campus.. again, just have to cross a major road (not too major) but there is a pedestrian cross walk if I can't merge easily with traffic.

So 7 miles door to door, when I've mapped it ages ago.. I should remap and just double check.

I've only ever had a mountain bike (cheap one from Target) and boy does that make for a long ride.. well, not that I ever knew it.
Now, I am borrowing a road bike from a co-worker in preparation for the sprint triathlon, and I feel GREAT! fast and smooth!

So, what's it like to bike in the morning into work?
hmm.. lately I've been driving in with the bike (say Monday) and I bike home.. then I bike in on Tuesday morning and then drive home and repeat for Wed/Thurs.. then I work from home on Friday..
this is a great way to save on gas, get in a bike workout too!

But, sometimes the morning start feels hard. I've been leaving extra clothes and food at the office, so I can keep my backpack minimally light. today only breakfast and a peach in the back pack, plus wallet, phone etc.

It's pretty chilling in the morning..right now it says 55 degrees.. but I stick with my short sleeve shirt and bike shorts.. (actually tri-shorts) because although the air feels cool at first, you do work up a good steam later!

I only had a cup of decaf and a banana (about 10 mins before I left).. and a little water.. so I always attribute the morning ride as 'harder' due to hydration and nutrition levels..

Ah.. morning exercise.. kind of dread it, but then when you are done, you really feel good! That is me this morning!

I am usually only a summer cyclist for the commute.. It gets too dark here in the winter after daylights savings time.. and I'm not that comfortable biking in the dark.
I'm pondering next week to go to the full commute.. bike in, bike home.. I did this a few times the other week and it was exhausting! because I was also working out during lunch.. hmm.. might be a good triathlon conditioning approach?

do you bike? do you have a bike? you should get out and take a spin.. it is fun and burns calories and builds muscle!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've done a few triathlons but am now training for a duathlon. Though I consider myself more of a runner, cycling is my favorite of the 3 sports! I LOVE biking! And, I think it's neat that you get to ride to work! And, yes, it's probably good conditioning as you train... emoticon
    1509 days ago
    I LOVE MY BIKE!!! I have been biking for almost two years now. I continue to ride more, drive much less and have added a mountain bike to my collection. DH has two bikes and we have turned our old living room into a cool parking lot! You can see our Cruisers on my Spark page. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1513 days ago
    What a fabulous and fun way to get exercise! I'm getting my exercise in other ways right now, but it is on my bucket list. emoticon emoticon
    1515 days ago
    Good job. I live up on a hill so biking to work is not a problem but getting back home sure is :-)
    1515 days ago
    This is sooo COOL !! I WISH I could bike !! Was thinking that IF my feet can handle it after 2 surgs,, it'd be FUN to see if I could get a recumbent bike. I "THINK"????? I "MAY"???? be able to do that,,, but oops !! Just remembered no I can't :( I forgot that my bones in feet break even with walking,,,so ANY real pressure,, and I am a goner. SHOOT ! I was counting on that for exercise IF I COULD !!

    I LOVE how pretty it is to bike,, how interesting to slow down "And smell the roses". I do that A LOT in my power chair. I go ALL OVER the city with mine,,, others are SHOCKED I do,,, I even go across the draw bridge which connects my city with the largest one in ME. I have NO FEAR of cars,,, in "general" LOL "No one WANTS to hit "a cripple" Which is NOT how I LOOK at myself,,, I look at ALL I CAN STILL DO though it's not much,, it IS something ! WOOHOOOO !!

    So ENJOY the BIKING !! how about doing a few miles for me?
    1515 days ago
    I love biking !
    1515 days ago
    Love it! I'm so glad you get to bike to work and back. I have a great road bike, and I always think about going biking but just never do it.

    This is great training for you! Way to go!!
    1515 days ago
    Wow, sounds nice. It's longer than I thought it was. Great job though.. Glad you enjoy it. I've always been a big believer of morning workouts. I've always lost better weight working out in the mornings. But I'm sure anytime is good.
    Keep up the good work.
    emoticon emoticon
    1515 days ago
    Great way to get your exercise!
    1515 days ago
    Ah, this made me miss biking. I've been thinking about possibly getting a cheap bike to ride some of the trails here. I have a 14 mile commute to work and no shower once I get here so I dont think commuting would be reasonable, plus LA is not very bike friendly. In Philly I biked EVERYWHERE. at minimum 8 miles a day, but most of the time over 12 with all the places I needed to go. be careful and make sure you wear your helmet. in 2004 i was in a hit and run with an SUV while on my bike (not my fault) and I know the helmet saved me! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1515 days ago
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