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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First of all, I'm back on speaking terms with my scale again. It "correctly" reflected what I should weigh this morning, based on a normal gravitational constant, and pi equaling something around 3.14.

I don't really obsess over the numbers on the scale, but I have to admit I have this re-occurring fear that this has all been a dream. I had the same fear when my son was born: that everything leading up to this moment was some hazy dream, and I was going to wake up any second and people would tell me, "What baby? You don't have a baby."

Admittedly, it's a decidedly less frightening fear than losing my son, but I do wake up sometimes expecting to step on the scale and see my progress to date is just a dream. I would be devastated to find out I've just been dreaming of running in the same way that you might "Dream" yourself out of bed in the morning, teeth brushed, suit on, and ready for work -- only you wake up 45 minutes late and have to run around the house like crazy to make it to work on time. (And yeah, I still have the dream where I'm in college and it's the last semester and they tell me, "Oh you forgot to take this one class that is only offered every blue moon, and now you can't graduate.")

But it looks like today's not a dream, I'm at the same weight I was last week (my own fault for not working harder last week) but at least I'm attempting to get back on track. Yesterday was an all-day event and only got to see my son for about an hour. I hate days like that. I got NOTHING done as far as fitness or homework -- but I did make a connection that might actually pan out to something wonderful!

I was teaching my interim classes last night when some very obviously ballet dancers walked in. (We were meeting at a church, not a dance studio, so this was doubly weird.) Turns out it's a Japanese ballet dancer I met last year, and another former dancer who goes to the church, who also teaches ballet and modern dance at the studio I was recently kicked out of :)

She and the other lady had been getting together for informal ballet classes at the church -- and they invited me to join them! I hinted around that I really missed modern dance, and she offered to teach me, at the church, on whatever night I was free! How cool is that!!! After my classes were over, we sat and talked about the dance scene in our city, who was teaching where, who had recently died (!), and who were the least crazy studio owners in our zip code.

I was really excited to have the opportunity to study modern dance on a low-key, no performance required basis. I did a little of it some years ago and REALLY enjoyed it, and it's a great cross-over training form for belly dance. They get together on Fridays, which I COULD do, if I had a sitter. So of course my Mom volunteers, and she volunteers to watch him at the church, which has an AWESOME nursery/children's play area that my son adores.
Now I have to convince my husband that he should let me have Fridays to do my thing, before we get together for pizza and a movie at 7:00. :)

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