The worst feeling is not knowing what is wrong.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'd like to start off by saying I hate going to the doctor. I feel like every time I go to the doctor I leave with no more information as to what is wrong. If the answer isn't black or white, doctors just tend to send you on your way. I haven't been to the doctor for a very long time because of this.

Well yesterday I decided to go. I've been feeling very dizzy and heavy headed and even feverish at times. The one thing that threw me into alert was the lack of appetite. I had absolutely no appetite after my race. As a runner, I am always hungry when I am in season and the fact that my body wasn't asking for any fuel made me really concerned.

Well I ended up taking 8 viles of blood. Most of my test results won't come back for another 3-5 days (probably after I start feeling better). But it was so frustrating because they kept doing test and telling me how good everything looked. The fear of hearing everything is fine kept creeping back up. I know everything is not fine.

The only test I got back so far is the electrolytes test. My potassium is high which confused the doctor because high potassium usually goes hand in hand with dehydration, except that I was very well hydrated. Also some of my stomach issues this weekend would normally cause low potassium...but it didn't. The doctor won't put me on any antibiotic till my virus/infection test and my thyroid test (which I am extremely anxious about these results) come back.

So basically I sit around feeling bad waiting to not feel bad anymore or waiting for blood tests. It's frustrating and it sucks.
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    Usually thyroid goes with sudden (unintended) weight gain or loss...or hair loss (my colleague was diagnosed through this symptom). another freaking-out-thing is when you start googling your symptoms and imagining all sorts of things.
    I also hate this western approach of medicine. They say in China, you go to the doctor when you are not sick, in order to help you not becoming sick. I so much love this approach.
    I should try to go to a chinese clinic one of those days. I think there is one downtown Geneva, close to where I work.
    1514 days ago
    hope you get some sleep and don't worry too much
    1516 days ago
    Doctors are... oy. That is all I can say really, is oy.

    Try not to hang up on the what ifs. The good news is that if it is a thyroid problem, it can be treated and you can feel better. But you never know until they work their magic so you can't wear out your brain over it. Try to keep focusing on eating right and doing whatever workouts you feel comfortable doing and that way you at least know you're treating your body right in the meantime! Hope you get answers and feel better soon!
    1516 days ago
    So Sorry that your feeling bad , I just went through similar situation with dehydration - even though I hydrate my minerals were off , the strange thing is that when the body dehydrates your BP will drop, mine , it rose ?? So I am drinking coconut water mixed with fresh juice on my rides . My outcome was a different diagnosis completely - so wait for the physician to answer, Hope you feel better soon emoticon
    1516 days ago
    Good luck, doctors seem more interested in having to comply with new filing and their own income. Even my dad says so and he's a doctor.
    1516 days ago
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