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Today's scale weigh in.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's my official weigh in day. Apparently I didn't explain my weigh in habits yesterday.

I have a digital scale (accurate to the .2 of a pound!). After everyone telling me it was the batteries, I took my nearly 12 pound bag of baking soda and stuck it on there a few times. It came up accurate each time, so it's not the scale that's the issue.

My body is a little weird and yesterday was a fluke, probably because of the salty meal I had the day before that didn't kick in until after I got moving and it apparently only took 10 minutes to start up.

I always step on it at least 3 times when I weigh in because the first time I step on it, it's more or less calibrating itself for the day again, the next two times I step on tend to be the same as each other, so that's what I take to be my daily weight. It's not an old scale, it's only a little over a year old. Sure the battery could be going, but it's more likely I stepped on it differently the second time yesterday. I still blame the salt...

So today when I stepped on again, it was back down the nearly 2 pounds from last week's weigh in. I'm right on schedule again with my trend line. Tracking really does keep me in line, even if the tracker is crazy lately with the fitbit attached to it and it claiming my walk from my bed to the computer gains me 12 calories for the day. Completely against what Spark tells us about tracking every movement.

I always take my weigh-in's with a grain of salt because it's not the most important number, although it is a big one. My bigger goals are to fit into a standard sized bra and a smaller number size of pants than I did in high school (mostly because of vanity sizing), and that will only take one more pant size because I'm fitting into the high school number now. I'd like to see a medium shirt again, that's what I fit into in high school and I'm fitting into large at the moment, so medium should not be far away.

Numbers are fun to track, but they should not be the most important part of your life. As long as you're enjoying yourself, you're living your greatest life! Making healthy choices just allows you to have a stronger body to do those things with.

Today's Holidays: International Day of Friendship, National Cheesecake Day and the First Paperback Was Published in 1935. So apparently we should share a piece of cheesecake with a friend and discuss a book we read recently.
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  • ELMA1913
    1664 days ago
    1665 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss!
    1665 days ago
    I do believe I said last time, the body is an AWESOME piece of machinery. You're definitely on the right track when you sized up how the scale was impacted by what you ate; there's a whole process that food has to go through from the time it enters you mouth and leaves the body.

    Glad to hear you're using other methods to gauge your journey as well. The numbers give you a picture only it's not the only story that needs to be heard. emoticon
    1665 days ago
    1665 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    emoticon with the 2 pound loss. I agree the scale is not the only tool to gauge a healthy lifestyle. My feeling is if you base your life only by the scale moving downward and never moving an ouce of pound up you have a problem to deal with. ?Losing weight only should not make us live by the scale, life is so much more to me than stepping on a scale daily or several times a day.
    1665 days ago
    I'm sure you will reach those smaller trousers and shirts before much longer. You have a lovely, positive and sensible attitude.

    On an aside - I's love to share a slice of cheesecake and a book review with you. emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • KAREN608
    You are really inspiring me to keep moving, track my calories!
    I'm so glad your new plan is going on so well!!!!
    Size medium shirts are so in your future!
    1665 days ago
    Scales are evil and notorious liars and should not be trusted...unless it is a loss.
    1665 days ago
    If I had your experience with the scale, I'd lose my mind!
    I'm still using the old spring scale I got at K-Mart in 1969 to track my first pregnancy!
    We have a long history and I think I can trust it!
    It has accompanied me through two preganancies...up and down.
    Also through middle age...the same for years.
    Then retirement...always up.
    And now Sparkpeople...slowly down.
    Of course I weigh myself only every two weeks.
    The scale is getting old and tired, too!
    1665 days ago
    We finally bought a good scale like the one in the doctor's office. When we were first married I bought a scale and I was surprised that my husband could not use it. It never occurred to me that he weighed more than the 250 pounds the scale measured! That scale was very tempermental--I would weigh myself three times and pick the weight I liked best!
    1665 days ago
    I have to move my scale each day to weigh in since it would be in the way. If I don't put it exactly in the same spot, it will give me a different reading. Go figure. Luckily my floor has tiles so I can tell the same spot. Could that be the problem?
    I know we also fluctuate so I only take a loss if it's 2 days in a row.
    I've actually gone up a couple, so time to get back on track.
    Congrats on your 2 pounds.
    1665 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
    1665 days ago
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