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1st 5 Introduction

Monday, July 29, 2013

Copied below, this is my SparkPage Introduction, as it exists today. It's the culmination of 5 years of adding to it on SparkPeople. - I'm saving it for the future, and revising my intro text dramatically to make room for the next 5 years:

~Dreams so real they grow wild on the vine!~

Done losing 100 pounds with SparkPeople and I am working on dropping 200 total & get back into running since my 2013 6 month-long nutrition break (as of 7/29). In the meantime I'm not waiting until I'm considered "slender" to love myself and my body. In fact, when I reach my final goal weight, I may still have a protruding tummy, and I know that the size of my behind will probably only get proportionally smaller- OH WELL (or OH GOOD! HEhee)! What's more important is that I have more energy, can do more things, and can live life more fully.

I've fought depression since I was a child. The only way to do it is to confront it directly and STAND UP for yourself. Find what you like in yourself, in others, in the world around you. Find what you ENJOY in your journey instead of what you DON'T. The power of your own thoughts are more uplifting or destructive than ANY outside forces. Draw your strength from your spirit, from your God, or from your family. No matter where it originates, it will pulse through you and you will just beam! And you can use that beam to focus your purpose on your wishes and dreams. They CAN come true!

BA-boomp baboomp!...Move and move that body, baBOOMP baboomp!!

"A man is but the product of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he becomes."
Mahatma Gandhi.

YOU can/will do this, and *I* can/will do this!

It's the little things that make life so enjoyable, and I'm greedy and want them all! HEhehee...I made my initial plan HAPPEN: I CAN keep up with my nephews, AM able to tie my athletic shoes while sitting in a chair with arms, and DO have more energy, just to start.

What makes a breathtaking sunset more enjoyable? Having the strength and energy to stand and watch it. Or better yet, stroll along the beach while gazing out over the Pacific Ocean (without back and knee pain or getting winded)! That's also what makes SHOPPING, getting the mail, spending time with friends, heck, even DUSTING (daily living) more enjoyable.

When I started Spark at the beginning of 2008 I was 29, and able to identify with the knee pains and lack of energy complaints of my someone three times my age, I realized that my future couldn't get better unless I did something about it.

6 months later I turned 30 and felt that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of my life. The rest of my life will be easier (physically), not harder! I look forward to the promise of tomorrow. Now it's 2013 - WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE! Isn't it amazing?!

I was always overweight, even as a child. My husband loved me no matter what my size. However, from 2000 to 2008 I gained an almost 10 lbs a year (75 total) and could longer live like that. **I HAVE LOST THOSE POUNDS AND HAVE VIRTUALLY "TURNED BACK" THE CLOCK 10 YEARS. **

I'm not just working to lose the pounds-I want a FIT lifestyle, a FIT body, and a FIT mind. And each day on Spark gets me closer to my healthy lifestyle ideal. This is permanent. With each new boost of energy, I'm closer to having enough to clean my house! ;)

My SparkPage title ("Dreams so real they grow wild on the vine...") is from a Fastball song, and I added it here because there were so many things that I had locked away as a child, and before SparkPeople. They were like seeds. Seeds of the person I longed to be, and the things I yearned to do. Being a DONE GIRL ~waters~ those seeds, ~thrusts~ them into the soil, ~feeds~ them nutrients to keep growing, and they DO. They grow and bloom and burst forth MORE seeds to again be nurtured and grown themselves. *I* am growing as a person too.
(Okay, so in April 2008 I figured out what I'd weigh for the rest of the year if I consistently lost 1-2 pounds per week. I will consider myself super successful if--NO, WHEN--I reach my goal of being 300 lbs or under by the end of 2008. (DONE-EARLY, TOO!!) I want to lose it SLOWLY, give my body time to adjust, skin to SHRINK, etc.). Since I'm done early I'm using the rest of 2008 to build MUSCLE and TONE! ...And I will keep movin'! GOYAAM!

Month-1lb a week avg goal/2lb a week avg goal (actual)
MAY---335/333 (actual was *332* 5/11)
JUN---331/325 (actual was *320* 6/11)
JUL---327/317 (actual was *315* 7/1/08)
AUG---322/307 (actual 307.5 8/4/08)
SEPT--318/299 (actual 301 9/1/08)
OCT---313/289 (actual 298 L&G 10/6/08)
NOV---309/281 (actual 285 11/10/08)
DEC---305/273 (actual 281 12/9/08)
**End of 2008- 275 approx! Yay, I lost 100 pounds this year!**

New year, new range! Here's the 1lb loss/2 lb loss ranges, but my goal is to lose 75 lbs (hit 199) in 2009:
FEB 2009--271/267 (actual 269 2/2/09)
MAR 2009--267/259 (actual 264 3/5/09)
APR 2009--263/251 (actual 261 4/13/09)
MAY 2009--259/243 (actual 257 5/5/09)
JUN 2009--255/235 (actual 258 6/1/09)
JUL 2009--251/227 (actual 255 7/1/09)
AUG 2009--247/219 (actual 256 8/3/09)
_______adjusting 1, 2 pound loss nums_______
SEP 2009--252/248 (actual 252 9/2/09)
OCT 2009--247/238 (actual 245 10/1/09)
NOV 2009--243/230 (actual 243 11/2/09)
DEC 2009--238/220 (actual 238 12/1/09)
**End of 2009- 239: LOST 31 pounds!!**

I was back on track, losing weight consistently (or at least, the net weight loss was consistent). I've entered a new stage in my weight loss. As much as it's ALWAYS not about the scale, it really isn't in 2010! That's why my scale goal is modest. I'm still working to build MUSCLE and TONE, keep consistent with cardio, and my goal for 2010 is to be under 200 pounds, then another -25 after that! My body is still adjusting to the massive amount of weight I've lost. It's never to early to start figuring out your lifelong habits.
**End of 2010- 272: gained 33 lbs then maintained for 6 months!**

«** «**«**«**«**«**«**«**«**«**
2011 Goals (Start, Size 26 pants, 18/20 top, 22 dress) Must gain/maintain MUSCLE this year! Focus!
DEC 2010--***/*** (actual 268 11/26/10)
JAN 2011--Adj month (actual 273 01/01/11)
(Goals below from 270)
__Loss of:_1lb_/2lbs____________
FEB 2011--269/265 (actual 269 02/01/11)
MAR 2011--265/257 (actual 265 03/01/11)
APR 2011--261/249 (actual 263 04/01/11)
MAY 2011--257/241 (actual 252 05/01/11)
JUN 2011--253/233 (actual 252 06/01/11)
JUL 2011--249/225 (actual 251 07/01/11)
AUG 2011--245/217 (actual 249 08/05/11)
SEP 2011--241/209 (actual 250 09/02/11)
OCT 2011--237/201 (actual 245 10/01/11)^
NOV 2011--241/237 (actual 247 11/02/11)
DEC 2011--237/229 (actual 248 12/01/11)

^-New goal is to reach 237, my lowest weight recently, by December's end.
**End of 2011- 253: LOST 20 pounds!!**
**End of 2011 Size 24 pants, 14/16 top, 18 dress)

Didn't ST last year, it's back at the top of my priorities. My ranges are a reasonable .5 to 1 pound a week loss average.
Jan 2012 WEIGHT: 253
Jan 2012 FIT (fitness accomplishments):
xx Started SP 28-Day Bootcamp
xx Walked Resolution 5k
xx Zumba 2 Hour Master Class
xx 1,000+ Fitness Minutes - DONE!

FEB 2012 WEIGHT: 250 (-3)
FEB 2012 FIT:
(need to fill this in)
xx SparkRally Mission Trails hike
xx 1,000+ Fitness Minutes - DONE!

MAR 2012 WEIGHT: 256 (+6)
MAR 2012 FIT:
xxADVENTURE LIST Torrey Pines hike
xx 1,400+ Fitness Minutes PLANNED

APR 2012 WEIGHT: 253 (-3)
-Got a job!

MAY 2012: 254

JUN 2012: 255
-Got a place to live!
-Signed up for 10K in Nov!
-Played with tracking food again

JUL 2012: 249 (-6)
AUG 2012: 247 (-2)
-Moved again!

SEP 2012: 248 (+1)
-Restarted 10k run training!
-Signed up for 3 mo workplace body fat loss contest!

OCT 2012: 252 (+4)
-Started CrossFit twice weekly at work

NOV 2012: 247 (-5)
-Iron Girl 5k completed!
-2 Hr Master Zumba Marathon Thanksgiving

DEC 2012: 252
-Not giving up.

JAN 2013- 250 LBS, 53.3%BF
FEB 2013- 250.8 LBS, 52.8%BF
MAR 2013- 252.6 LBS, 51.6%BF
APR 2013- 257 LBS, 51.7%BF
MAY 2013-263 LBS, 55%BF
JUN 2013-265 LBS, 53%BF
**I'm 35!!**
JUL 2013- 271 LBS, 53%BF...hmmmm
AUG 2013-
SEP 2013-
OCT 2013-
NOV 2013-
DEC 2013-

2013 Registered & Planned Events:
1/6/13-Resolution Run 5K w/NEWSGIRL2177 (DONE)
1/13/13-CrossFit Studio Demo
1/26/13-San Diego SparkRally
2/2/13-Electric Run 5k Night (R)
5/27/13 Zumba 2 hr Master Class
5, 6 & 7-Summer 13- High hiking w/Heather! Torrey, Cowles, Daley, Double Peak,
7/4/13- Zumba 2 hr Master Class
7/14/13- Hula 5k (walk/jog)

11/2013- Iron Girl 10K (My 5th Iron Girl)

Check out my blog for other non-weight related goals.
Oh yeah... and,
"I love the whole world
It's such a brilliant place
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da,
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da..."♫♫♫♫

.~'*~SPARKLES! Sparkles EVERYWHERE!~*'~.

(I'm a 2der! ...In TWO-VILLE now as of 9/18/08!)
(10/11/08 I've reached a new turning point! In Sept I lost and gained 3 pounds, not the kind of progress I'm used to, so it's a NEW PLAN, new DEAL, adjustment and we're moving forward, baby!)

BMI Review
As much as I disagree with the BMI numbers (especially between normal & overweight), it's still satisfying to slip down the categories. Here's the wild ride & a link to a great article:

-Start (375 lbs) BMI Super Super Morbidly Obese (64.4)!
-BMI Super Morbidly Obese (under 59)
-BMI Morbidly Obese (under 49)
******Current* - 245 lbs *****
-(next one is Severely Obese when I reach 232 lbs)

Fabric design used for my wallpaper is a creation of:
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  • UNICORN212
    You have come so far - 100 pounds in a year! And the body needs to adjust, so some years have smaller losses - but you still lost. Pat yourself on the back and keep on pushing! It took years to get there, it will take a while to get healthy again. And you really have come a long way, baby!

    And I love your background! Beautiful!
    1677 days ago
    Ok...I always read your posts...always. But now I have to respond...this depression you talk about is often not something we can talk ourselves out of...I have suffered from depression, and found medication to be a lifesaver. Curiously, my mother, in her 80's became suicidal, and ended up on the same meds and everyday thanked me for talking to her doctor. So yes, we have to have the will to feel better, but often we need some help. Do consider this, and I wish you everything beautiful in life.
    1695 days ago
    Lots of data here, lots of numbers to process.

    I suspect a lot is typical. Our bodies' adjustments to weight loss seem to coincide with our minds' feelings that it's enough already, and we're tired. And of course that's when we should do even more. It can sometimes feel like it's never enough.

    We shall overcome.
    1695 days ago
    You are an amazing and beautiful person. I also have fought depression for many years. And many people may not know it, but it does effect your health a great deal. As you said, we must confront that head on and not let it rule our lives.

    Thank you for just being on SP and being so up front and honest!

    1695 days ago
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    1695 days ago
  • RENATA144
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1695 days ago
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